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Cloud hosting is a hot web hosting solution these days with flexible payment options, making it possible for customers to ease financial pressure. However, we know that you are still looking for cheap cloud hosting and you are in right place. Our editors picked up 10 cheap cloud hosting and offer rankings as following. 

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What to consider when choose a cheap cloud hosting

Cloud hosting becomes the first choice of some individuals and startups when they find a hosting solution for their blogs, websites or online business.

One main reason is easy upgrades. In others words, customers could go with a basic plan and upgrade as their needs increase, which avoids wastes of resources and money.

Another point is flexible payment. Generally, cloud hosting providers supports customers to pay for what they really use, which makes cloud hosting more cost-effective than others.

Cloud hosting makes sense on uptime, disaster recovery, collaboration, etc. Here, for your cheap cloud hosting demands, we give you some tips when you choose a cheap cloud hosting in below.


Not all cloud hosting solutions are cheap. The pricing varies from providers and resources. The above Best Cheap Cloud Hosting we list is the most cost-effective ones combined with resources. The Cheapest is $10/mo only, including 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 24 GB SSD disk space and 2 TB bandwidth.

Though the most of cloud hosting providers claim that their cloud hosting deploys pay as you go principle, there are 2 major payment cycles:

  • Pay as you go
  • Monthly set

Read clearly how your cloud hosting provider charges before you place an order. For example, the cheapest cloud hosting company Linode charges resources you actually use at $0.015/hr until you hit the monthly hat. It stops pay as you go pricing principle and charges you $10/mo. Note that the pricing given here refers to the lowest pricing the hosts offer.

You can also browse whether a cloud hosting has money back guarantee. As far as we know, web hosting companies do not guarantee refund or offer short-term money back guarantee. It could be better and decease risks if your selected cloud hosting has one.


As we mentioned, when you choose a cheap cloud hosting, besides pricing, you have to consider how much resources you will get. Or else, you could get a cheap cloud hosting, but it offers you a few.

A way for you to find best cheap cloud hosting is here:

1.       Planning how much resources you will need;

2.       Matching your resources with cloud hosting solutions to see which one is cheaper. You can refer to our Best Cheap Hosting list above to start.

You could also run into a situation where you have no idea how much resources you would need. Then we recommend you go with Linode, the cheapest cloud hosting or choose a basic plan from another cheap cloud hosting company.


Though you like a cheap cloud hosting, we guess you do not want to sacrifice security, right?

Cloud hosting is trending but we witness that there are ongoing debates, one of which is about security. Someone argues that cloud hosting is built on virtual machines, resulting in being attacked more easily than other web hosting types, such as dedicated servers. There is also a concern on data monitored by hosts or some others.

To offer cheap cloud hosting and ensure profits, some cheap cloud hosting companies could take little account of hosting security. So, check out which measures your cloud hosting provider takes for security when you purchase a cheap cloud hosting.

Customer Support

It seems that customer support is included in every post on what to consider when you choose a web hosting. In other words, customer support is crucial for web hosting. We recommend you to think of it when your buy a cheap cloud hosting too.

A word to the wise here, test how long a company will respond you, whether you use ticket, phone or live chat, if it offers. Or else, you can browse what its customers are discussing about it.

In a nutshell, when you go with a cheap cloud hosting, besides pricing, you need also consider resources, security and customer support the host offers. For more factors that should be included into this post, you can submit them via a review.

Cheap does not mean poor services. The best situation is we use the least money and get the best services. That’s our above Best Cheap Cloud Hosting offers.

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