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Dedicated server is much powerful and stable than the other types of web hosting, however it's price is not Cheap. So, where to find cheap dedicated server who could bring you all the benefit of a private server environment and their price is also affordable. In below we list out top 10 best cheap server providers based on their price, our editor reviews and their customer feedbacks.

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Is Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Good?

So what is cheap dedicated server hosting? Most dedicated server hosting are in fact not cheap, however you’ll find some web hosts that will offer cheap dedicated hosting. Is it wise to use these companies or should you avoid them and choose an expensive type of dedicated server hosting.

There’s no right or wrong answer, it will depend on your personal needs. There’s a common phrase “you get what you’re paid for”. So you need to be sure what you’re actually getting. At the end of the day you need the best and sometimes it’s not the cheapest. Below we will share the Benefits and Drawbacks of Cheap Dedicated Hosting.

The Benefits of Cheap Dedicated Hosting

There are many benefits of cheap dedicated hosting, especially compared to shared hosting. Shared hosting has commonly has the lowest amount of security while in general dedicated hosting security will be much more robust.

  • With a dedicated server, you can customize the control panel and host as many domains as you want.
  • Most of the time you can your hosting company manage the server or you can manage it yourself
  • You can set up the server however you choose and install custom security options
  • Better security since the server is dedicated to you and not shared with others

Dedicated hosting is known as one of the best types of hosting, so if you decide to choose cheap dedicated server hosting make sure it will give be the best fit for your requirements. Take in consideration; the size of your company, the size of the server, and the other resources you get with the server. Some one of the cheapest dedicated server providers are 1and1, GoDaddy in which you’ll pay under $96 a month for a server, while other companies will charge nearly double the price for their dedicated package.

The Drawbacks of Cheap Dedicated Hosting

When it comes to drawbacks there are not too many when choosing a cheap dedicated server hosting, especially from a smaller company.

  • Less customer support. Everything comes at a price, the best way to cut the price of a dedicated server is to low the customer service. A lot of cheap dedicated hosting service provider, like 1and1, offers unmanaged service, which means they will be responsible for ensuring the hardware of the server and its internet connection work well, and you need to maintain the server software and optimize the system by yourself. This would be fine if you have a IT team, or you are a tech geeks.
  • Renting a smaller server; most cheap dedicated server hosting are normally from smaller companies, therefore meaning less server space – which can lead to a slow server.
  • Less server options – With cheap dedicated hosting don't expect to get all of the customized and additional options that you would with a more expensive dedicated server provider.
  • Some cheap dedicated hosting service provider aren’t usually equipped to support you properly. If you’re paying for a higher priced for dedicated server, usually you’ll get much more bandwidth, server space, better security options and also more professional technical support services.

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