Best Cloud Storage 2021

Cloud Storage allow you to store static files to a web service which allows you to access anywhere. This technology not just increase the speed of a websites, it also increase the security of the data as the service provider will be responsible for the data backup and etc.

Why Cloud Storage

  • More Secured and More Reliable
  • Easy to Scale
  • Price is Cheap
  • Best for All-types of websites

Most Popular Cloud Storage

Amazon AWS Review

The leader in Cloud storage, best for all sizes of businesses and enterprises

  • Highly Druable, Reliable & Scalable
  • Most widely used Cloud Storage Service
  • Query in Place

Google Cloud Review

Cloud Storage from Google, standard for high performance, and high relibility

  • Block Storage, Database Storage and more.
  • Multiple Regions and Caching
  • Optimize for Live Data

Microsoft Azure Review

Azure Cloud Storage Service, Reliable, economical cloud storage for all

  • No upfront cost
  • Pay for Your Needs
  • Data redundancy to Multi-Locations

Softlayer Review

Also called as IBM Cloud now, offer comprehensive Cloud storage serices

  • Durable and reliable storage
  • Regional resiliency
  • RESTful APIs and SDKs

Digital Ocean Review

A price killer, offer highly competitive cloud storage on pricing

  • 100% SSD Storage
  • Highly Reliable, and Live Resize
  • APIs are Available

RackSpace Review

Hybrid Cloud Service Provider with 3,000+ experts and 15+ years of hosting experience

  • Integrate with Major Cloud Serivce
  • Professional Customer Support
  • End-To-End Cloud Storage Service

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Hosting Review

Cloud Storage Q&A

What is Cloud Storage?

So what is Cloud Storage? In simple terms Cloud storage is a method to save ones information online (on the web). The latest trend is to store your personal files/folders without making a hard copy i.e. to a disc or flash drive.

Why Choose Cloud Storage?

Saving files to the web (Internet) is far securer than backing to USB drives, DVDs etc. In today society more companies are finding online cloud providers i.e. Dropbox & Box to be especially attractive. This helps the firms to reduce costs, tape libraries, backup servers, deduplication disk and other components.

Below are a few examples why companies would choose cloud storage:

  • Accessing your online files anywhere from any of your mobile devices.
  • Hard drive failure; if your hard drive dies, then all your info is lost, as opposed to your information being in the cloud.
  • Floods/or Fires; If your hard drive burns up or gets flooded during a natural disaster, then all your files destroyed. If your files are safe in the cloud.

Types of Cloud Storage

What is Cloud Storage?Personal Cloud – Best for Individuals & small business

Personal cloud is a collection of digital content and services which are accessible from any device which provides the user with access to the data from anywhere. In general, personal cloud storage also allows sharing and syncing stored data across multiple devices such as tablet computers and smart phones.

Public Cloud – Best for small enterprises

In most cases, public cloud storage is where the storage and enterprise service provider are separate and the data is stored outside of the enterprise’s data center. The public cloud storage can also be deployed much faster and with more scalability and accessibility than on-premises data storage.

Private Cloud – Best for small – larger businesses

Private cloud or internal cloud is an infrastructure operated solely for an individual or a single corporation. Private cloud storages normally run on a dedicated infrastructure in the datacenter. Nevertheless, Private cloud storage provides scalability, flexibility and usability of the storage architecture. Many organizations seek to create their own private cloud for having additional control over how the cloud works within the organization’s network

Hybrid Cloud – Best for Large Companies & Enterprises

Hybrid cloud is a composition of two or more clouds (public, private or community) that uses a technique that uses internal and external cloud applications. In fact, Hybrid cloud derives and combines the functionality of public and private cloud storage models to provide storage services. These services that are offered by hybrid cloud can be accessed using a Web services API framework or cloud applications.

Free Cloud Storage

Aside from these types, there’s many free cloud storage services that provide free online storage essentially to let users try their services first then make a decision. For example, on default GoogleDrive gives customers 15GB of free cloud storage spread over Google services.

In closing, after deciding which type of cloud storage is best suited for your personal/or companies needs then you can go ahead and take a look at some of the best cloud storage providers first.

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