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Akamai is a leading services provider in CDN business. It provides fast, reliable and secure network. The core solution of Akamai is the Akamai Intelligent Platform. The platform combines a new generation of CDN and cloud services, thus providing extensive market coverage and extraordinary reliability, security, visibility and professionalism.

The world is becoming more and more mobilized, while Akamai can eliminate the complex of connecting, and provide all-time support for the needs of the consumers, and help enterprises to provide safe, high performance Web experience in any location and equipment.

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Akamai (www.akamai.com) is a global leader in CDN and the company has been providing computing platform for global Internet content and application delivery for over a decade. The company was founded in 1998 and currently serves 95,000 customers and has 71 networks across the country.  In fact Akamai has delivered robust services to well-known companies worldwide such as Apple, Audi, BMW, IBM, Yahoo, FedEx, Nintendo and many more.

Akamai Review on Features

Route/Connection Optimization: Automatically, Akamai will search for the closest available server containing site’s content, when a visitor visits the site. This lets the fetching procedure to be reliable and quicker.

Pre-Fetching: Pre-fetching can be done on high demand from files. This enables files to be spread across many datacenters to ensure quicker download speeds.

Caching: Items being fetched are cached on a server close to the user’s proximity which allows users faster download speeds.

Gzip Compression: Compression is utilized to enhance download speeds between servers and users.

Intelligent Internet Platform: The infrastructure will simplify business through an outsourced infrastructure and complexity.

Dynamic Site Accelerator(DSA): The DSA will allow a site boost up to 5x faster for high performance.

SLA (Service Level Agreement):Quality performance and service is one of the main aims behind Akamai’s massive growth. The SLA’s are in place to guarantee the customers quality service 24/7.

Akamai Review on Pricing

Generally, Akamai doesn’t display pricing on their website, this is because they want every customer to build/create a custom contract that best fits their needs. Please contact Akamai for more info.

Akamai Review on Performance

The companies scale capacity on demand to meet peak traffic with the power and scale of Akamai’s global Platform.  In fact, Akamai boasts that their Dynamic Site Accelerator can boost a website’s performance up to 5x faster than your typical server which would greatly enhance the user experience.

Akamai Review on Ease of Use

Well, with over 95,000customers severed by Akamai, you can imagine the simplicity of the task at hand which has kept their customers still doing business with the company. They have excellent customer support for you complete assistance. They provide end-to-end solution as well.

Akamai Review on Security Review

Akamai offers a variety of enterprise security and compliance solutions aimed at providing customers assistance you need to keep your Site Defender configuration current. The company’s security services consist of DDoS Defense, Web Application Firewall and Edge Tokenization. Akamai uses Kona Website Defensive player.  This provides clients with a highly scalable and extensive Website Protection solution to protect against DDoS attacks, direct-to-origin attacks, and application-layer attacks. However, with the growing complexity of these strike methods and threats associated with fast implementation of new Web technological innovation, it is vital that clients ensure their Website Defensive player set up continues to be updated to successfully protect their Web qualities against future attacks. The Kona Website Defensive player providing, Website Defensive player Service Management gives you quick and quick access to Akamai's Web protection professionals – professionals acquainted with the risk scenery and your Web protection specifications who help your team keep your Website Defensive player configurations enhanced. Furthermore, Akamai platform delivers real-time global data, which is an invaluable asset to any company. The software protects critical information with several levels of effective security to make sure customer information is protected to the highest level. Lastly, the network is immediately scalable and compliant to make sure companies remain up to par with the modifying face of the Internet.

Akamai Review on Customer Support

Akamai are always and easily available to you, either you are a customer already or you are planning to be. The company provides 24/7 customer support via Phone, email , end-user FAQ and their control help center on their site; you can ask questions regarding sales via emails. They also have a toll free number. Customers can login to get full assistance.


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