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This CDN service is based on per month plan and the rental starts from $99 per month for a bandwidth transfer of 256 GB and storage capacity of 1000 MB. This CDN claims to deliver all the files and other media to the end user at a speed that is ten time faster than any other service provider.

The CDN also claims to give you a network of 100% or they promise to give you your money back. The clientele of Cachefly include Microsoft, Adobe, Bank of America and many more. 

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CacheFly ( was founded in 2002 and still has several of its original customers, such as popular IM messager app Trillian. With satisfied clientele for example Adobe, LG, Bank of America, Virgin Gaming, , Toyota plus Cartoon Network, CacheFly is undoubtedly doing something accurate.

CacheFly Review on Features

CacheFly has track record of higher performance, ultra consistent contented delivery for above 11 years - longer than almost every other CDN on the sight. CacheFly lead the way the use of TCP anycast in 2002, a modernization that upstart CDN's persist to build on. CacheFly's anycast technology provides client content from the net's main peering locations, providing clientele with an important performance raise. CacheFly offers users with a plenty of exclusive features and option, counting their 100% service level contract, real time traffic flow reporting, and instant setup. CacheFly leverages its widespread research in technology plus infrastructure to convey scalable contented delivery at a lucrative price. Today, CacheFly has provided content for over 2000 customers based in above 80 countries round the world. CacheFly content providing network gives clientele on-demand capability, supreme performance and a conventional cost model. CacheFly allows companies to fast expand without addition infrastructure whilst at the same time increasing performance and dropping costs.

CacheFly Review on Pricing

Recurring Bandwidth Included Overage Normalized Price CDN Edge Storage
$99/Month 256 GB  $0.370/GB $0.3867/GB 1 GB
$99/Month 1.2 TB $0.250/GB $0.2492/GB 2 GB
$99/Month 2.05 TB $0.2/GB $0.1997/GB 3 GB


CacheFly Review on Performance

CacheFly Review CacheFly is very reliable and deploys quick responses time and lower error rates. There’s up to 30 globally points of presence, which in fact 9 are US based, gives its consumers global penetration. What’s more is CacheFly supports gzip compression through the internet faster and with a smaller footprint. CacheFly offers supreme performance, counting the below highlights:

  • Industry foremost throughput performance with above 30 global POPs to deliver contented nearer to users.
  • Scalable deliverance with on-demand bandwidth to stop performance degradation or else timeouts through traffic spikes.
  • Strong reporting and analytics that permit you access to real-time info on server performance, bandwidth use and user demographic.
  • Expected pricing that presents a fixed price for content delivery, anyplace in the world.
  • Dependable support committed to serving your CDN requirements 24/7 and self-assurance in knowing their POP infrastructure is constantly upgraded.
  • Reverse Proxy as well as SSL Support.
  • Simplicity of use. A 4-step set of connections needs no composite configuration info. Get initiated in less than 10 minutes! Begin your free of charge trial today.

CacheFly Review on Ease of use

Being one of the easiest CDN providers to use, CacheFly service is pay as you go, with no requirement for a yearly agreement; consequently there is by no means any cancellation punishment. The companies’ prices are in print on its web site, thus there is no surprise. And with instantaneous activation capacities, user’s website speed would immediately increase as soon as your info is submitted.

Security Review

CacheFly presents additional protection by a secret (md5-shared) system means of an md5-shared secret scheme. You could generate links that are valid for secs/mins, etc to onds or else minutes, or simply available to a particular IP. Those variables are then protected by the md5 hash. Place merely to whom that grants the access to achieve secured areas of your website. The firm supports Protect Serve downloads, whichever gives you control over subscription content plus who could access this. The URL/referrer blocking regulations make it possible to avoid hot-linking to content from websites other than your own, create a link expire afterward any quantity of time, or create a link available only by a precise IPs. However If the link flops, you might redirect the consumer to a webpage that clarifies the cause for failure. CacheFly offers it’s possess SSL credential for users to use and is suitable and compatible through custom certificate.

CacheFly Review on Customer Support

Not simply does CacheFly present customer support through phone and e mail (24/7/365) it as well proffers a scarcity: live support from 9 am - 5 pm (Central Time).   The company support is free and the CacheFly offers a 100% up time warranty in its SLA (service level agreement).


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