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CDN77 is a CDN company located in the United Kingdom, it currently provids static content and video content distributions. Their services can speed up the site's load, as well as reduce the video cache time.

They have more than 39 nodes worldwide (including 11 in North America, 1 in South America, 18 in Europe, 7 in Asia and 1 in Australia). The price starts from $0.049 per GB, the greater the amount, the lower the price. It is the charged according to the using amount, no monthly fee, no set fee. Free trial period in 14 days.

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CDN77 ( is comparatively a new player in Content Delivery Network (CDN) market with a remarkable presence crossway the world and a solid dispersed server network across the entire subcontinents. Their Asia coverage is particularly amazing!

CDN77 Review on Features

CDN77’s solutions could be customized to meet up diverse Content Delivery specification and requirement. An extensive range of services are obtainable throughout origin push and pull for example, Streaming, HTTP Streaming, and Video on Demand, and Static plus Secure HTTP acceleration. CDN77 supports the foremost format for online Video on Demand solution several of which; - HTML5 - Adobe Flash - Windows Media - Quicktime - H.264 and more. CDN77 is pay-as-you-go service, thus you are never priced for more contented distribution than you make use of. And data is less costly the more throughputs you have. And as activation is automated, your web site objects would start populating the firm's networks in moments after sign up. This small trade CDN is simply integrated with present content management system you might be using, for example Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla or else Social Engine. Media Trans-code With media transcoding service of CDn77 you would have to no more bear of any Complexities or else anxieties. This high end excellence feature allows you to deliver any elevated quality media file without pick up any doubts for the end user’s gadget or the fundamental technology used by the consumer. This high end aspect converts the contented in to file format in no time. Adaptive Streaming Cdn77 conveys one of the top quality video presentation experiences for the consumer without any concern to the sort of Internet connection. The player aspects to provide the best possible superiority by adjusting the network condition accessed to.

CDN77 Review on Pricing

CDN77 is new low-cost content delivery network. Customization tools permit clientele to have total control over their budget.


Traffic  USA & EU Asia & Australia incl. India, Turkey South America incl. Brasil
< 30TB $49/TB $125/TB  $185/TB
31 - 100TB $45/TB $125/TB $160/TB
101 - 500TB $35/TB $125/TB $145/TB


CDN77 utilize 35 high-powered data center infrastructure around the world, providing worldwide coverage, consistency, and rock firm stability. All DN77 CDN nodes provided with solid state drive or SSD to maximize contented delivery throughputs. CDN77 currently offers video streaming. This has the ability to facilitate software allotment, and to work beside other CDN. The service is as well prominent for presenting 50 free gigabyte of "push zone" storing space as long as you are a customer. Whilst most CDNs present several storage, we do not know of another with this huge an offering. If you have lots of large files that get frequently downloaded, you would save noteworthy storing space on your server in addition to speed up the transfer of the files to your audience CDN77 API lets you to do diverse commands and task, like generating new CDN source, editing of CDN source, exclusion edge servers local cache and other task required whilst using CDN77 from exterior script or else server.

Ease of use

CDN77 Review Their CDN management edge is tremendously easy to use and users can access their control panel from anywhere and on the go via mobile, tablet and other devices. At this point, you could supervise your CDN service, adding up your individual URL for static content delivery purposes, cancel cached object, etc. Every CDN features and settings could be controlled plus managed in single mouse click.

Security Review

SSL certification SSL certification of any web site guarantees the genuineness of that web site. Cdn77 features employment of the safe socket layer certification. The company ensures protected delivery of the contented. The aspect not only allows the company to from a wild card however it as well aims at easy procurement and organization for its customers CDN77 presents a shared SSL credential for free, which is an outstanding value. If you are eager to pay extra, you might use your individual custom SSL certificate in place of the firm's shared one. The company as well offers token verification, a security aspect that simply a few other CDNs provide. URL Authentication Cdn77 content delivery scheme features extremely scalable URL authentication options which stands to secure you from deep linking plus bots as and while the content is asked for. This feature as well enables non- execution of the URLs if any illegal users get grasp of them. However above all it allows rapid work operation avoiding any unnecessary hold of the third party.

Customer Support

Support is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In adding, the company's web site has an edifying blog on useful topics, in addition to a frequently asked question page.


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