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Started in 2012, Flywheel is a WordPress platform contributing to provide rock-solid managed WordPress hosting for global customers. Over 4 years from the very beginning, this creative company has been striving to display excellent performance and provide powerful tools with sincerest customer service, making hosting easy to go.

With data centers around the world, Flywheel is able to achieve high speed in different continents, meeting users’ demands for best speed. Meanwhile, with different levels of configuration and means of payment, various plans are listed on its website optional for individuals, freelancers and big agencies.

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Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting provider established in 2012. As a WordPress-specialized company, Flywheel comes with powerful tools, stable software, rock-solid infrastructure and friendly expert support to help freelancers, designers and agencies walk every step on the way. With deep understanding of its target customers’ needs and features, Flywheel has won a wide popularity and good reputation around the world.

Favorable Pricing

Considering Flywheel is an expert at making WordPress of high performance and favorable price, customers looking for a company providing WordPress hosting can take this company into account.

Among the Pay-Per-Site plan, three different solutions are provided and the regular pricing starts at $15/mo for the Tiny solution. If customers prefer a larger disk space and broader bandwidth, they can pay more to upgrade the Tiny solution to Personal solution or Professional solution.

As for the Bulk plan that contains 10 WordPress installs at least, pricing ranges from $100/mo with 40 GB disk space and 2 TB bandwidth. If customers are big agencies or companies, solutions with higher configuration can still be taken into consideration.

If customers sign up for Flywheel annual payments, Flywheel will give them 1 month of hosting service for free.

By the way, Custom plan is provided catering for some demanding customers who want to carefully configure it by themselves.     

Outstanding Features

Flywheel is contributing to providing secure and reliable managed WordPress hosting around the globe, helping build beautiful, functional sites for its clients. With rich features such as powerful tools and one-click feature, Flywheel has attracted a lot of creative companies.

If customers already have websites hosted on other providers and they want to move to Flywheel platform, Flywheel will handle the whole migration for them for totally free, and customers just need to fill out the migration form.

Flywheel managed WordPress hosting comes with multiple solutions, and they are perfect for both individuals as well as business use. Basically, Flywheel managed WordPress hosting offers 1 WordPress install allowed, 5,000 monthly visits, 5GB disk space, 250GB monthly data transfer, and optional SSL, CDN and multisite supports.

As a managed company, Flywheel is sure to be considerate in sites management respect. In order to spare time and energy for clients to concentrate on their business, this company devotes to provide technical service for its customers such as automated backup. Customers don’t need to worry about data loss since the backups run every night automatically and can be stored for 30 days.

Flywheel also enables customers to log in their SFTP server to check all websites under management of Flywheel, thus leaving no necessity for customers to remember loads of usernames and passwords of different sites. With the powerful collaboration tool, the site owner can add and remove unlimited members to get participated in the project in a breeze. Besides, every member can get their own login access instead of shared usernames and passwords which are more secure, convenient and friendly.

As for the one-click function, customers can use one-click staging to test any changes of their design with an instant button clicking before putting into use, ensuring every step is in normal condition. Similarly, one-click function is available for billing transfer. If customers prefer to transfer the payment to their clients, they can just let Flywheel send an email to inform their clients. With no need to send login information, clients just need to fill in the form with a button clicking and the payment is completed. One-click tool is also available for restoring.

See more features of Flywheel

  • 1-click staging and free demo sites: the features allow customers to test changes and new design templates simply, or launch free WordPress websites to create their next programs on.
  • SFTP Access: there is no need to create multiple usernames and passwords. With SFTP access, customers can update their WordPress websites conveniently and see all of their websites’ details through one single login.
  • Built-in caching: instead of configuring any caching plugin, Flywheel has all customers covered that all of their websites has caching built in. This built-in caching feature will make sure customers’ WordPress websites perform well.
  • Simple and Unlimited Collaboration: Flywheel offers customers powerful and useful collaboration tools. Without sharing usernames and passwords, customers are able to add and remove collaborators from one place with few simple clicks.

Reliability and Uptime

Flywheel targets global audience with data centers across the globe with 99% uptime guarantee. Wherever customers want to host their WordPress sites, they can find a favorable data center location close to them. Furthermore, with dedicated resources and built-in caching, a blazing fast speed is ensured.

Additionally, Flywheel server-side caching technology will handle millions of visitors without flinching. The company has partnered with MaxCDN, one of the most leading providers of content delivery network service, so Flywheel will offer customers blazing speed and fast load times around the world.

In addition to improve the user experience, Flywheel also concentrates on latent danger, being prepared for any threats in peace time. Since WordPress is fragile while facing hackers, the Flywheel team spares no effort to protect its clients via constant hacker and malware monitoring. Then, once any problems or threats appear, Flywheel will try every means to fix them or clear them up with no fee to be charged.  

Customer Support

With Flywheel service, customers will experience one of the best and most helpful support and backup. Since its WordPress hosting is fully managed by Flywheel, its support team will handle all technical issues of customers and their WordPress websites.

Normally, standard support is available during 9am-7pm at Flywheel and 24/7 support is for emergency. Customers can ask for help via ticket, phone and live chat, besides, searching tutorials or articles on Flywheel website is worth adopting. Flywheel experts are always there to offer useful solutions efficiently. And Flywheel Help Center contains rich resources and articles of billing & accounts, domains, database, plugins and etc. 

Furthermore, Flywheel uses ROI calculator to document how much time and money can be saved which is so customer-friendly. Thus customers can get their own usage report and get appropriate suggestions from experts. As for migrating, the flywheel team charges no fee for the whole migration process. Besides, Flywheel will offer upgrading services to those websites which constantly go beyond limit once it gets customers’ approval, ensuring every site run smoothly with the up-to-date version.  

Money Refund Guarantee

Flywheel provides plans either monthly or annually with no formal contracts. Customers are allowed to cancel the monthly plan within 72 hours after they place the orders, and annual plans are guaranteed 30 days for cancellation. As long as the account is cancelled in the allotted period, customers can get a refund. 

When to Consider Flywheel

Flywheel is the company that specializes in quality and professional managed WordPress hosting solution. Its team of WordPress developers, designers and gurus are available and work to deliver customers the best services and supports. By cooperating with leading CDN provider MaxCDN, customers can take benefits from content delivery network technology.

With powerful tools and rock-solid hosting, Flywheel really shines in managed WordPress field. It regards customers as top priority and strives to meet customers’ demands, gaining a good reputation around the world. More expectations and surprises are waiting to be achieved by this company too.

For more information, please visit Flywheel.


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