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Launched in 1994, Hurricane Electric is considered the largest IPv6 backbone in the world as measured by number of networks connected. The Enterprise Virtual Host plan from Hurricane Electric features the power of a dedicated server with connection speeds available include 100GE, 10GE, gigabit Ethernet, etc.

The services provided by Hurricane Electric include IP Transit, Layer 2 Transport, colocation and dedicated server. Hurricane Electric's network covers the U.S, Canada, Europe, Asia and South Africa. Being a high-end Business Technical Service Provider(TSP), Hurricane Electric mainly target the re-seller costumer who have their own network service. 

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As one of the world’s earliest DNS providers, Hurricane Electric ( was founded in 1994. With years of exploring, Hurricane Electric has now developed into a leading Business Technical Service Providers (TSP). 

Hurricane Electric is known for the top speed in the industry, and it operates one of the Largest IPv6 backbones in the world. Hurricane Electric now has over 14,000 BGP sessions with over 4000 IPv4 and IPv6 networks at over 100 different exchange points in North America, Europe, and Asia. Services provided by Hurricane Electric covers colocation, dedicated servers, IP transit and layer 2 transport. 

Hurricane Electric Review on Pricing

Hurricane Electric doesn’t have a price list on the official website, so you need to send an e-mail with your specific requirements to get a quotation. Here we’ll focus on two of its main services - colocation and dedicated servers.

Colocation – They offer $200 per month for a colocation service featured cabinet space up to 7U, with 120v 2amps power, 100 Mbps port and unlimited bandwidth.

There’s also a special offer ongoing on You can get the service worthes $600/mo with only $400, with which you can get access to 36" deep 42U space Keylocked Cabinet at Fremont-2 facility with 15 amps 120 volt power and un-metered 1000 Mbps of Internet bandwidth on Gige port. The offer is only valid once for each customer. 

Dedicated Services – Each machine comes with its own 100 Mbps or Gige bandwidth drop or higher. One port per machine, No router or switches. The quotation is listed below:

  • 100 Mbps on 100 BT full flat rate , un-metered port: $150/mo 1yr term. 
  • 200 Mbps on gige port:  $300/mo.  $2/Mbps burst.  1yr term.
  • 1000 Mbps (1Gbps) on Gige port: un-metered $400/mo on 1yr term , $350/mo on 2yr term

And you can choose the hardware specs accordingly:

  • AMD 5000+ 2.6Ghz or better, 2GB Ram, (2)500GB IDE HDD.  NO setup fee
  • Intel i3-3220 3.3Ghz Dual Core cpu, 4GB Ram, (2) 500GB HDD.  $450 setup fee
  • Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 Quad Core cpu, w/IPMI, 8GB of Ram, (2) 2TB HDD. $1295 setup fee

(System upgrade-able to 32GB RAM). The system can be remotely managed.

Hurricane Electric Review on Feature

The Hurricane Electric server features stable and fast connections with 100 Megabit Port, 1000 Mbps port or higher. BGP is available for AS and IP space provided. Customers can get free IPv4 or IPv6 addresses if needed. Additionally, you can get boot access for free, so that you are able to install any applications or software needed. The company also has a thoughtful hardware management policy, if any parts on the machine fail, they will repair or replace it at no additional cost.

Hurricane Electric Review on Performance and Reliability 

Hurricane Electric has without a doubt, the first-class facilities and infrastructures. It owns a self-healing global network with multiple 10GE (OC192) connections. The National and International Internet Backbones feature over 6,000 BGP Sessions w/. 

The company also makes huge effort on the data center safety. The bandwidth usage is tracked by MRTG Stats Page and all cabinets are individually locked. Around-the-clock CCTV surveillance and climate controlled system are used to keep hazards at bay. There is also battery backup and redundant generator on site. 

Hurricane Electric Review on Costumer Support

Hurricane Electric provides a 24-hour emergency NOC. The onsite staff will do the configuration and reboot, answer the call and email. And the support team is also the one to reach if you need a service quotation. A Wikipedia style FAQ is also available on the official website where you can check service features and usage guide. 

Hurricane Electric Review on Billing

All services of Hurricane Electric have a minimum contract period. Costumers need to sign for at least one year. The company offers a free repairmen or replacement for all machines. However, Hurricane Electric doesn’t provide any money back guarantee for its service.

Hurricane Electric Review on Setbacks

As a leading global DNS provider, it’s strange that Hurricane Electric doesn’t provide any form of live chat. Costumers need to send emails to get quotations for each service separately. And it takes a couple of days to get the replication. Also the minimum contract period makes it a bit risky for those who want to run a trail. 

When to consider Hurricane Electric

As mentioned above, Hurricane Electric is meant for hosting resellers and hosting providers and medium to large businesses. In fact most Hurricane Electric clients do long-term bulk purchases. So if you are looking for a fast, secure and hassle-free server to support your own network, Hurricane Electric will be a wise choice indeed. For personal or small businesses on the other hand, Hurricane Electric is really not a suitable option. 


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