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HostCentric was launched in 1996 and is a leader in online services and highly popular with individuals and small businesses. HostCentric is a part of the EIG group along with eHost, EntryHost and USANetHosting.

The company is known for their shared hosting, domain solutions and also offers services for Marketing users. This web host has once made a commitment to providing outstanding shared hosting solution with affordable price. 

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HostCentric is a veteran hosting provider in the industry that has engaged in hosting business for more than ten years. Since the inception, the web host has made a commitment to providing outstanding shared hosting solution with affordable price. Because of that, the support team, engineers, system administrators, marketing and product teams at HostCentric have only one goal – to make sure all customers are served by a unified, shared platform and access to simple-to-use, robust tool sets. 

HostCentric Review-Pricing

There is only one plan offered by HostCentric, so it’s fairly easy to understand what to expect. 

With only one plan to work with, the price depends on how long users are willing to sign up with. If they purchase three years in advance, then they get the price as low as $5.95/mo. Otherwise, the price is $6.95/mo for two years, $7.95/mo for one year, $8.95/mo for being paid quarterly, and $9.95 if one just wants to pay month by month. 

HostCentric Review- Rich Features

There are a number of features within HostCentric shared hosting package and many of them should be expected from a quality provider. 

Following the trend of making unlimited hosting, HostCentric offers unlimited data transfer, RAID storage, mailboxes and forwarding addresses. Surprisingly, the service also comes with unlimited MySQL databases, a nice touch especially for small businesses. There is also ShopSite Starter, which will enables you to build your own online store and make it possible for you to accept payment online. 

HostCentric offers a choice of three reseller programs in addition to its shared hosting. Each program comes with a robust suite of tools and services allowing you to completely control over your clients’ hosting accounts. It also remains hassle-free at the same time by leaving the 24/7 server management to HostCentric’s experienced staffs. 

HostCentric Review-Reliable

HostCentric’s data center combines round-the-clock management systems with onsite personnel trained in the areas of networking and systems management. This combination results in a physical and technical environment delivering flexible and reliable service. Even when meeting problems with some mission-critical Internet operations, HostCentric can easily handle it as many large Internet companies do. 

HostCentric ensures that its hosting platform is backed by the latest technologies. The utilization of NetApp storage clusters has largely improved the reliability; using dual routers has maintained great redundancy for all sites; a new gigabit network connection has improved the hosting performance; and a world-class Cisco PIX firewall has developed the security of its service. 

In the help of these, HostCentric successfully establishes a shared hosting infrastructure in carrier class. That is why HostCentric is confident to deliver extremely reliable and highly secure hosting service for its customers. 

HostCentric Review-Tech Support

HostCentric offers 24/7 telephone, email and live chat support. If you have any problem about your hosting platform, you can get contact with its support team at any time. HostCentric Help Center is staffed with professionals who are not only responsible for monitoring and evaluating its services, but also willing to helping you with your hosting issues all the time. For more help you can use its knowledgebase or user guide to explore what else you need. 

HostCentric Review-30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All customers with HostCentric hosting services are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. It means, if you are not satisfied with HostCentric, you can cancel your hosting plan within the first 30 days and the web host will refund your hosting fees. 

HostCentric Review-Drawbacks

Control Panel

Then control panel offered by HostCentric is a member operations control panel rather than the most popular cPanel or Plesk. So it will be not as easy as using a cPanel to completely control over your HostCentric hosting account. 

Only One Plan

HostCentric only offers a single plan for its hosting service, which restricts you to expand your plan or upgrade to a higher stage. 

Time-Limited Support

Though HostCetnric promises that its support team is available around the clock, through our test, we find that its live chat support is not always online actually. 

When to Consider HostCentric? 

As a company mainly focusing on offering the best possible shared hosting solution, HostCentric, without any doubt, is a perfect option for people with a hope of finding a high price value shared hosting solution. HostCentric gives many unlimited resources, building tools and marketing features for individuals or small businesses to have a professional website or an online store. If you are looking for more information about HostCentric, please move to


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