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    0 reviews provide services like Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server, or Collocation. As a top brand in hosting industry who offer the highest levels of availability and security, their solution is perfect for mission-critical applications, which also means higher price. They have 7 data centers in North America, which are fully operated and managed by their own employees.

Currently, has 350+ employees, and serves 4,600+ companies.

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Cloud hosting is a newly emerging web hosting, which becomes famous for stability, high speed and security. is one of the most popular cloud hosting companies and stands long in the marketplace. Due to six top-ranking data centers and over 200 certified cloud professionals, has served more than 2,000 global customers and earned 66 NPS (net promoter score) while the average NPS in the industry is under 50. strives to provide a full range of products and services regarding cloud computing and big data, such as Cloud hosting, hosting healthcare cloud, Hosting unified cloud, etc. At present, have protected approximately four trillion files and applications from all industries, to name a few healthcare, technology and financial services. Its pledge is to empower companies to develop their business, surpass competitors and reduce risk by applying cloud solutions.

Hosting——Products and Pricing

Targeting at different demands of customers, produces six cloud solutions which are Cloud Hosting, Hosting healthcare cloud, Hosting Unified cloud, Professional Services, Managed Hosting services and Compliant hosting. In this review, we focus on Cloud Hosting including Public, Private and Hybrid cloud. Generally speaking, Public cloud hosting is the cheapest solution among them, hybrid the second and Private somewhat expensive. Public suits for companies who want to lower cost and promptly operate a server without dedicated environment.

One thing should be mentioned that never name a fixed price to its clouds service and products. Instead, it applies custom pricing that customers could only pay for what their really need to achieve their unique aims. As a matter of fact, it is beneficial for customers to reduce the cost and obtain a specialized cloud hosting.      

Core Features of Cloud Hosting cloud is more like a platform where customers have the opportunity to choose and set up their specific cloud environment. Cloud hosting is not only keeping operation but also business solution. promises to assist clients with all matters about data assets from building up to protection as long as the cloud is in service. Compared with other cloud hosting player, HOSTING cloud has its own features and advantages.

  • Offer advanced services such as vCPU and RAM storage division; VMs clone 
  • Access to the HOSTING Customer Portal
  • Easy, seamless and free integration with dedicated servers
  • Low cost of entry; Enhanced scalability; Integrated fault tolerance
  • 24 / 7 / 365 expert support

Actually, many cloud hostings do not offer VMs clone service and even ask customers pay for the clone images that created by themselves. Besides, it is quite impressive that offers seamless integration with dedicated servers and charge free. Firstly, just a few companies offer this service, and then much lesser do not ask for payment. Moreover, the cloud solution is based on a managed and shared environment and each virtual machine has its own operating system. 

Leading-edge Services 

Instead of only offering essential elements of creating cloud solution, provides every client with an integrated plan and a reliable consultant to help them figure out chances and challenges of operating the cloud. From startups to giant enterprises, all of the clients could easily manage the complex IT environments and reach their business goals via business solutions including monitoring, detailed dashboards and regular account reviews.

Talented Technicians and Professional Training

Professional employee is the foundation of excellent services. This company recruits more than 200 certified cloud professionals, experienced client-focused system administrators. Every employee of cloud team should take part in WOW training and learn how to predict and meet the customers’ needs. In addition, the cloud solution architects are trained in ITIL methodology to cooperate with in-house teams perfectly.

State-of-the-Art Data Center and NOC have six data centers that nearly cover the whole country, which locate on Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado;Irvine, California; Louisville, Kentucky; Newark, Delaware and San Francisco, California. All of the six data center are operated under Green Design Standards, a guarantee of data asset being environment-friendly and energy-efficiently. 

Besides, also own the world-class Network center. The NOC (Network Operations Center) is crucial to the security of Cloud. Cloud security experts in NOC continuously monitor all of the six data centers and customers’ cloud environments in order to ensure their high performance.

Security and Compliance owns HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS and SOC 3 which are the top-rank certifications for compliance and security. Besides, offers malware protection, managed patching and FIM (file integrity monitoring) to ensure the security of client’s data, file and application. For instance, over eight million security patches are applied by Hosting every year.  

Since it has earned as high as 66 NPS, Hosting can be defined as a company who values the satisfactory of customers. In the market place, Hosting cloud is one of the most long standing and mature solutions, along with a full range of cloud offerings. If you want to set foot in Cloud hosting, I am sure that can be a good start. 


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