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Launched in 2010, Hostwinds was founded by CEO Peter Holden and is operated by a group of professionals who daily commitment to generate the highest level of web hosting services in the industry.

The company is driven and lives by their quote, "Provide and Truly Serve" which enables them to remain ahead of the competition and maintains a gold standards of client support and customer service. Hostwinds offers shared, VPS, reseller hosting and more online services.Besides, it also provides 60 days money back guarantee that reduces the risk of purchasing for customers.

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Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hostwinds is an innovative company that has been offers a wide range of enhanced hosting products and online services since 2010. The company makes great efforts on ensuring all of its customers success and satisfaction. With its rapid development, Hostwinds has gradually become an industry leader, and served thousands of customers worldwide.

At Hostwinds, people can find Linux-based shared web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS Hosting and dedicated server, and all the services come with multiple different packages. No matter for personals, developers, businesses or enterprises, Hostwinds will deliver them the most suitable solutions and guaranteed low prices to help them create successful online presences.

Hostwinds Review-Affordable Prices

Hostwinds promises to offer premium servers with budget pricing. Therefore, customers can enjoy Hostwinds hosting with high price value. We will introduce the price structure of Hostwinds shared hosting in below.

Hostwinds shared unlimited hosting pricing:

  • Basic charges $6.5/mo regularly; for 12 months, it is $4.50/mo;
  • Advanced charges $7.5/mo regularly; for 12 months, it is $5.5/mo;
  • Ultimate charges $8.5/mo regularly; for 12 months, it is $6.5/mo.

Hostwinds business hosting pricing:

  • Basic starts at $7/mo normally; for 36 months, it is $5/mo;
  • Advanced starts at $9.5/mo normally; for 36 months, it is $7.5/mo;
  • Ultimate starts at $12/mo normally; for 36 month, it is $10/mo.

According to the pricing of shared unlimited hosting and business hosting, we can find that to get a faster and more secure server, customers can just spend around $1 per month by upgrading to business hosting.

Hostwinds Review-Rich Features

At Hostwinds, it can provide two levels of shared hosting: shared unlimited web hosting and business hosting. Besides, Hostwinds also has VPS and dedicated hosting solutions. To ensure the quality of servers, Hostwinds offers rich features. 

Hostwinds Unlimited Shared Hosting

Since Hostwinds has multiple different services, here, we take its shared unlimited web hosting as an example. It comes with Basic, Advanced and Ultimate three plans, and each of them includes different amounts of guaranteed resources and features, and can address customers’ basic & high level requirements greatly.

Firstly, Hostwinds shared hosting provides unlimited disk space, bandwidth, sub domains, email accounts, FTP logins, MySQL databases, and up to unlimited add-on domains. Hostwinds is also one of the few web hosts who offers free dedicated IP address to ensure customers better SEO effect.

Moreover, customers can get full supports of scripts and development languages, plenty of PHP memory, hotlink protection, IP deny manager, redirect URL, web-based file manager, AWStats, webalizer, protected directories and more.

Hostwinds integrates the latest and easy-to-use cPanel control panel and Softaculous into its shared hosting solutions. By making complete use of these tools, customers, even for web beginners, can set up CMSs-based websites with few simple clicks, and manage their domains, emails, accounts and the entire websites conveniently and easily.

Once customers’ demands grow, Hostwinds allows them to upgrade advanced Business hosting solution, VPS or premium dedicated server smoothly.

Hostwinds Premium VPS Hosting

For meeting different needs, Hostwinds tailors its VPS hosting into five solutions, namely Budget VPS, Premium VPS, Windows VPS, SSD Linux VPS, and SSD Windows VPS. And all Hostwinds VPS hosting solutions are scalable and fully managed by its award-winning support team.

Hostwinds Budget VPS, as the name implies, is the most affordable solution among the five. Incorporating OpenVZ virtualization, Hostwinds Budget VPS is configured with at least 0.5 CPU core, 1GB guaranteed RAM, 1.25GB burstable RAM, 25GB disk space, unmetered transfer in 100Mbps speed, and nightly backups. After discounting, Hostwinds Budget VPS charges from $6.88/mo instead of $7.50/mo normally.

Hostwinds Premium VPS, based on Linux platform, features in greater stability and speed when compared to the budget VPS due to the utilization of KVM virtualization for guaranteed resource isolation. People with this hosting solution can benefit from choice of image, improved App security, and more server resources. Besides, the price is also reasonable that starts at $13.50/mo. For a yearly plan, customers just need to pay with $12.38/mo after discounting.

Hostwinds Windows VPS is designed with the same features and prices as Hostwinds Premium VPS except the operating system of Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2008.

Other more, no matter customers sign up with Hostwinds SSD Windows VPS or Hostwinds SSD Linux VPS, their plans can be ensured the latest enterprise grade SSD drives and superior hardware on all hosting nodes. Customers can outfit the configurable VPS servers with up to 8 CPU cores, 35GB RAM, 170GB SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth with 1000Mbps transfer speed. Likewise, the discounted price of the hosting solution is $12.38/mo rather than $13.50/mo.

From the above, it’s easy to find that Hostwinds VPS hosting is offered abundant features allowing customers to build professional small to medium business websites as required. Importantly, the price is quite reasonable without increasing the financial burden on people. Even when compared with some best managed VPS hosting like InMotion Hosting or Bluehost, Hostwinds doesn’t lose price advantage.

Apart from the above, Hostwinds also offers the latest cPanel control panel with many practical elements, such as Webalizer, web based file manager, Redirect URL, hotlink protection, and so on.

Besides, Hostwinds can provide business hosting which is greater than normal shared hosting and ideal for business. Actually, Hostwinds business hosting is quite similar to shared unlimited hosting, except one key feature, Litespeed Webserver. It is easy to use with Apache system, and has better performance and security.

Hostwinds Review-Uptime & Data Center

Hostwinds understands the importance of uptime to its customers, so the company works hard to keep them from downtime and guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Hostwinds utilizes its own data center to host customers’ servers. The data center is located in the first technology market center in the world, the Dallas Infomart. The location makes Hostwinds get the physical presence of more than 16 fiber providers, ensuring that Hostwinds has redundant network facilities.

Dallas data center has enterprise-class electrical systems and excellent generators, which allow Hostwinds to guarantee 99.9% uptime and keep customers’ mission critical applications online all the time. Redundant chilling systems make the cooling a piece of cake. The whole data center is cooled by the extensive network. To make customers feel safe, Hostwinds protects their data and deploys a variety of security measures. 

Hostwinds Review-60 Days of Money Back Guarantee

Hostwinds wants customers to be completely satisfied with its services, so 60-Day Money Back Guarantee comes. If customers feel Hostwinds is not their right choice, they can request a full refund within the first 60 days, which removes the risks for customers.

Hostwinds Review-Customer Service with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% satisfaction rate is not so easy to get, but Hostwinds are still confident to promise it. 

At Hostwinds, customers can always get touch with Hostwinds support teams, because the company offers convenient and diverse contact approaches including tickets, live chat, email, and telephone. Except phone call, all contact ways are 24/7 available. Hostwinds support staffs are always ready to resolve customers’ issues, so customers can feel free to contact Hostwinds whenever they have problems.

Additionally, Hostwinds has redundant resources that are prepared to customers. FAQs and Knowledge base contain a lot of information and tutorials waiting for customers to check.

Hostwinds Review-Drawbacks 

Hostwinds budget pricing is not enough. Hostwinds claims to provide high-class servers with budget prices, but compared to some of its competitors like Arvixe or InMotion Hosting, the prices of Hostwinds are still higher than them. However, this is not a big drawback, because Hostwinds is affordable! 

When to Consider Hostwinds?

Generally, Hostwinds provides complete products and upgrades, feature-rich hosting solutions with free dedicated IP address, industry-leading 99.99% uptime guarantee, customer-friendly supports and money back within 60 days to ensure maximum satisfaction and best online experience. With its promotion, the excellent hosting charges at only $4.50/mo. No matter people are going to build personal blogs or business/eCommerce websites, they can find the most suitable solution and support at Hostwinds.

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Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help in sorting out my on line presence. I am a blind user and I have used you for my on line shop selling products for the blind. From simple easy to use controal panels, to easy to understand invoicing and payments, Hostwinds is the only provider for me. Well done and keep up the great work.

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HostWinds review from Cilvera recommends Hostwinds basic
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0 ~ 300
0 ~ 3 months

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help in sorting out my on line presence. I am a blind user and I have used you for my on line shop selling products for the blind. From simple easy to use controal panels, to easy to understand invoicing and payments, Hostwinds is the only provider for me. Well done and keep up the great work.

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