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Incapsula is a CDN service provider in the United States, and has global network, the four node are located at the United States, Britain, Singapore and Israel. Europe and the United States part of the network of Incapsula uses anycast, one IP for all, but this IP is pointing to two networks, which is the United States, the United Kingdom. The Asia part directly point to the EC2 Amazon, and the network node located in Singapore. As for the node in Israel, it is only access to Israeli users; the other Asian countries all use the UK node.

As a cloud based service provider, Incapsula will ensure the safety, speed and reliability of the customer sites.

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Incapsula ( was established in 2009 by a set of security business veterans with sturdy skill in online safety, web application security plus identity theft. Incapsula is enterprise-grade resolution featuring PCI-licensed Web Application Firewall, automatic DDoS Protection, as well as Load Balancing and Failover system, all completely integrated on topmost of global CDN.


The Incapsula Enterprise service suite presents numerous standard abilities that make application delivery trustworthy and secure for business both large plus small. Traded as a service plan, Incapsula Enterprise comprises:

DDoS security: Always-on security that protects web sites against all sorts of DDoS attacks, counting protocol-, network-, and application-level attack.

Load balance and failover: Incapsula could balance traffic across manifold web servers and crossways data centers straight from the cloud, without require a local physical or else virtual load balance appliance. Built-in monitor and failover abilities help make sure high accessibility.

Enterprise-level SLA: A high grade of service accessibility is backed by an extensive uptime and support SLA that warranties web site security plus performance.

Customizable safety rules and policies: Adopters could create custom trigger and rules to automate action that require to be taken to retain applications safe and operational.

API for provision, management and event: The incorporated API streamlines combination with third-party provision and account management system, counting SIEM systems and report creation services.


There are 4 Incapsula pricing plans - Free, Personal which is $9 per month, Business which is $59 per month and Enterprise (modified pricing).


There are ample of reasons why you would find Incapsula valuable in both web site security and web site performance. This specific service does not need you to install any software apps or connect any hardware. In its place it uses the control of the cloud. For those of you who are concerned about the nebulousness of functioning on a cloud-based stage, this is whatever makes it likely to have both safety and performance. Complex safety application that you have to run on your possess computer could make your website sluggish. Since this app runs on the cloud and does not use any of your system resource, your web site would run effortlessly for your visitors and you would still receive advanced security from internet threats.

Ease of use

Incapsula's flexible employment and ease of use make it a sensible and highly protected solution to execute

Security Review

Incapsula Review With Incapsula you obtain online web site protection that covers the entire base. The first item we like to observe is whether or else not this includes SQL injection security. SQL injection is a technique hackers use to go into their own malevolent code in a web site's program. The hacker could then makes change to your web site and collect your user passwords plus credit card numbers. Incapsula defends you from such attempt to infiltrate and hijack your site. Several of the other significant features Incapsula comprises that must be part of any good web site security service are cross-site script security, comment spam defense and malevolent bot blocking. Cross-site script is when hackers could use scripts to get right of entry to your private info. It is extremely important to have a web site protection service that defends sensitive info for example credit card or else account numbers. Incapsula presents some exclusive security aspects that are not found on the services we seemed at. Several of these comprise the Open Web Application Security Project. This is open-source project that uses people from round the world. This keeps you up to date on the most new and malicious attack out there and has defenses alongside them. Something also that we found helpful is their advanced safety settings. These provide you total control over the safety for your web site. You do not require feeling like you are handing control of your web site over to stranger; but you could get their skill and apply it how plus when you desire. The last security aspect they must highlight from this web site security plus performance services is that this has support for SSL web sites. SSL means Secure Socket Layer. This is a sort of secure web site that is indicated by "https" in place of the more usually used "http." This is a significant feature that is very important for giving you the greatest security.

Customer support

Their support engineers as well as security experts are obtainable round-the-clock to provide you the support you require, while you need this. You can Contact their group by email, phone, or chat for any topics or question that may arise.


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