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I/O Zoom is no doubt one of the best VPS providers that draws an end to the search of a solid managed VPS. Whether it is regarding a personal web development or business website, I/O zoom has all types of VPS hosting plan structured for that. They offer numerous advantages such as free DdoS protection which ensures around 95% protection from all known attacks to keep your VPS online. Also they promise to keep the hardware, infrastructure and network online 100% of the time. Besides they offer great I/O performance with faster web loading and redundancy.

When it comes to the customer support, their service is very impressive in both the level personal and professional. 

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Based in Houston, Texas, I/O Zoom (www.iozoom.com) is committed to becoming the premier global web host who will offer fast hosting service, reliable customer and affordable price. By making complete use of Intel Xeon processors, SSD drives and other powerful technologies, I/O Zoom provides thousands of customers with virtual private server solutions. Although I/O Zoom is a brand-new company, its lighting fast VPS hosting is considered as one of the best VPS hosting for personals and small-to-medium sized businesses.

I/O Zoom Affordable Pricing

I/O Zoom offers Linux, Windows, and Managed WordPress VPS solutions now. Different packages have different pricing structure, and I/O Zoom only allows monthly billing cycle which is good to individuals who needs VPS hosting and all customers to save costs.

I/O Zoom offers KVM 2GB, KVM 4GB, KVM 8GB, KVM 16GB, and KVM 32GB Linux VPS hosting plans. The starter plan charges from $8/mo only. For Windows VPS, I/O Zoom has WIN 2GB to WIN 32GB plans, starting from $10/mo only. Managed WordPress VPS includes 5 packages, which start from $23/mo, along with cPanel and Softaculous.

Features of I/O Zoom

I/O Zoom specializes in VPS hosting, which comes with multiple packages containing different amounts of server configurations and features. To illustrate it clearer, we will explain I/O Zoom Linux VPS, Windows VPS, and managed WordPress VPS respectively.

I/O Zoom Linux VPS

The company offers rich Linux distributions for choosing. CentOS 7.2,  CentOS 7.0, CentOS 6.6, Debian 8.0, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Scientific Linux 6.3, and Fedora-23. If customers want to customize their own OS, I/O Zoom allows them to choose no oprating system. I/O Zoom Linu VPS packages include up to 32GB RAM, 320GB SSD storage w/Raid 10, 10,000GB bandwidth, 8 CPU cores, and 10GB DDoS protection. 

By default, all I/O Zoom Linux VPS hosting packages are self-managed and customers enable to operate the servers as regular hosting accounts. I/O Zoom support team will manage servers for customers at no charge if they add cPanel/WHM feature. Its managed server offers proactive management such as OS, kernel & security updates, patches, monitoring and more.

Of course, I/O Zoom provides customers with add-ons like Softaculous, Lite Speed, CloudLinux, RVskin, Blesta billing software, WHMCS, additional dedicated IP and backup services to make their servers more powerful and easier management.

Normally, I/O Zoom will need up to 24 hours to setup customers’ servers, but if customers make their purchases during sales hours, I/O Zoom will setup the servers within a just few hours. There is no need to worry about fraud, because all the orders are checked and verified manually. Moreover, I/O Zoom VPS servers are white labeled so customers enable to resell the VPS as their own.

I/O Zoom Windows VPS

At I/O Zoom, there is free Winodws License including Windows Servver 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2016 operating system options available, and Windows 2012 R2 is the most recommended. In Windows VPS plans, the company offers up to 400GB SSD space w/Raid 10, 32GB RAM, 8 CPU cores, 10,000 bandwidth, as well as 10GB DDoS protection.

Additionally, remoste desktop connection is included, so that customers can easily login or browse like they are in front of the screen. Likewise, I/O Zoom Windows VPS does not include any control panel by default, either. If customers needs more conrtol and other tools and features, there are many add-ons, such as Plesk web admin, WHMCS, data backup, dedicated IP, and addtional bandwidth.

I/O Zoom Managed WordPress VPS

In the managed WordPress VPS solutions, the company offers free cPanel and WMH included. Free backup, free DDoS Protection, and free migration service with no downtime are all founded in packages as well. In packages, there is up to 32GB RAM, 320GB SSD RAID 10 storage, 8 CPU cores, 10,000 bandwidth, and 10GB DDoS protection.

For WordPress, I/O Zoom specially optimizes the VPS stack. NGINX, the fast web server is to power WordPress.com; Memcached speeds up the WordPress load speed; optimized .htaccess also help WordPress load fast; MySQL, core of WordPress is also fine tuned to help boot WordPress Speed. Besides, there is Varnish and Opcache, both good at optimized the VPS stack for WordPress.

Generally speaking, I/O Zoom VPS plans are all featuer-rich and fine tuned for different usages.

I/O Zoom is Fast and Reliable

I/O Zoom VPS hosting has KVM virtualization integrated. Due to this technology, the VPS hosting is completely isolated with independent resources helping increase the server performance as well as stability.

I/O Zoom offers 100% uptime guarantee, and all its network, facilities and hardware will be online all the time. There are many leading infrastructures and technologies that I/O Zoom utilizes to deliver customers one of the fastest server speed.

Its datacenter is located in Los Angeles, CA, and the network consists of the most reliable bandwidth providers such as nLayer, Zayo, TiNet, Comcast, PCCW and etc. What’s more, I/O Zoom provides customers with Intel Xeon processors, Supermicro servers, DDR4 memory and hardware RAID 10 with full SSD. These configurations ensure maximum I/O performance, redundancy and website response times.

I/O Zoom VPS hosting comes with high security level. Apart from regular backup and monitor, I/O Zoom offers free DDoS protection. Its network will protect from more than 95% of DDoS attacks and keep customers VPS safe and online.

I/O Zoom Review on Usability

I/O Zoom will take care of the server management for free if customers add cPanel feature into their packages. How about its self-managed VPS hosting service? If customers choose I/O Zoom self-managed VPS package, then they will be offered SolusVM control panel. With this control panel, customers can make management of their servers with ease, including shutdown, remote reboot, change hostname & root password, check server status & usage statistics and much more.

Meanwhile, the company will provides them with full root/admin access to help them manage their servers easier. Besides, I/O Zoom also comes with free daily backup, site protection, SEO tools, and migration assistance. These services can save many problems for customers, so that they can better focus on their site content management and business. Generally, I/O Zoom VPS hosting is easy-to-use.

I/O Zoom Customer Support

Besides proving wonderful features and services to their customers, I/O Zoom also seems to have a strong customer support to serve them better and have happy faces. They have 'three types of support which they have made available to their customers:

  • Video Tutorials: There are over 100 videos which have been uploaded by them in their portal which educate you on how to manage your account for cPanel and WHM.
  • Knowledgebase: Instead of videos there are articles on this page which answer your questions. There are answers to all your ‘How cans’ on this page.
  • Support Ticket and Offline Chat: Customers can login using your email address and password and raise a ticket for their problems if they didn't find answers in the video tutorials and the articles in the knowledgebase. Or, they can start a chat with I/O Zoom staff offline, and the company will response as soon as possible.

I/O Zoom understands the importance of customer satisfaction, and this is also one of the main reasons why it focuses on making sure customers are 100% happy by continuously improving its customer support. 

Money Back Guarantee

The company guarantees to refund you the full amount if you are not satisfied with their services. They work on a 30 days money return policy and if you feel that the speed promised by them is not delivered you can request for a refund from the company and cancel their services.

Drawbacks of I/O Zoom

Less support channels

I/O Zoom offers offline chat and helpdesk ticket support only, which means customers have to wait when there is a consulting peak. Also, less support channels will lead lower customer satisfiction rate. Although I/O Zoon guarangtees premium and multiple VPS solutions for customers, it still may lose some potential customers because of customer support's response latency. 

When to Consider I/O Zoom?

As a VPS hosting expert, I/O Zoom provides customers with reliable and super-fast VPS hosting service based on Linux and Winodws both. Customers will receive multiple operating system choices, plenty of server resources, SSD drives, easy-to-use control panel, cPanel or Plesk available, free dedicated IP, 100% uptime guarantee and more. The VPS speed performance is 300% faster than those regular VPS hosting solutions. More importantly, I/O Zoom VPS hosting is cheap, and the price starts from only $8/mo with 30 days money back included. No setup fee, no risk and no commitment, I/O Zoom VPS is a powerful alternative for individuals and SMBs. To know more about I/O Zoom please visit their website at: www.iozoom.com


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