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MaxCDN is a CDN service provider based in California. The company emphasizes on reducing content distribution delay. User files can be stored in various parts of the global Edge MaxCDN server. Currently, MaxCDN has multi hosted Nginx server in Europe, North America and Asia, and other.

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MaxCDN ( was initiated by Chris Ueland in 2009. They present a wide range of CDN services counting expert services for main content management systems (CMS) similar to Magneto, WordPress. With solution for both one-man web sites and enterprise rank companies, MaxCDN has rapidly acclaimed the name of #1 CDN brand.

MaxCDN Review on Features

The MaxCDN Content Delivery Network professionally delivers your website’s static file throughout hundreds of servers in place of slogging throughout a single host. The "smart route" technology allocates your content to your customers via the city neighboring to them.

  • It has Easy to utilize Control Panel with excellent dashboard, Web site Reports also Log Viewer.
  • Its Edge rules control the way Edge servers distribute the content.
  • This Works Smarter, not harder, by REST API. Integrate consumers, zones and other resource in to the applications.
  • It Secure your traffic straight from edge with Edge SSL. Instantaneous, custom plus shared SSL.
  • MaxCDN Network is extended all over the world in several cities. All data centers present SSD furnished Servers, 10 GB Connection and Any cast. There peering partner takes the service to the subsequent levels.
  • Safeguard retains our content protected. They offer Security feature similar to 2 step authentications, Email Alerts API Security, and IP White listing.
  • It has Instant Purge, any time configuration as well as SSL incorporation on Real time.
  • Real time reporting presents closer view to the website performance. Log Viewer plus security reports are accessible for reporting.
  • Secure tokens are obtainable to demonstrate the content to authorized user only. They are Easy to organize and implement.
  • It has HTTP Referrer Protection to stop hot-linking, modifiable caching of inquiry strings, and the capability to use a custom robot.txt is supported.

MaxCDN Review on Pricing

MaxCDN provides competitive pricing and on top of that has a continuing promotion for the first TB- $39.95. Custom SSL plus VOD Secure coupon are each $99 per month and zone.

MaxCDN Review on Performance

For example, if your server is in Europe, at that time you can warranty a fast loading pace for populaces who are nearby to the server. However, for populaces who are visiting your website from USA, the speed might not be that satisfying. MaxCDN could be regarded as one of the greatest providers.

  • It takes the weighty objects that comprise images, JavaScript and CSS and uploads them to manifold data centers the world.
  • Customers could view all your content from the nearby server to them.
  • All the servers use the most recent advanced Solid State Drive or SSD technology to make sure a fast content delivery.
  • By distributing the load crossways the network, MaxCDN warranties you a trustworthy and blazing fast website with a huge traffic.

MaxCDN Review on Ease of use

One of the perfect reasons for use this service is that you could integrate their service to approximately any platform. You could setup maxcdn with word press. If you desire then you could integrate it simply with Joomla, Magento, opencart, Drupal and several other platforms. You could even use this with simple HTML, static, based websites. What I like the utmost about maxcdn is the widespread, easy to recognize documentation. This is accessible on their official web site and it clarifies each step in detail.

MaxCDN Review on Security Review

MaxCDN ReviewMaxCDN’s edge security scheme helps to generate a custom token which permits the users to view specific file only afterward using the precise token key. You could as well limit the user’s visibility through defining custom IPs. Then you could control the download of digital item for precise users for definite time. It’s a powerful and advanced security layer which aids prevent malevolent actions on your web site. Let’s consider you own an e commerce web site and have to distribute digital item to your client. So you could create a token using their API plus using that coupon your client could download the product. Therefore this means that only paid customer gets what you present them. This as well helps to reduce the illegal access to your premium content. In general you get total control concerning the content managing, download of digital product, consumer visibility, privacy security. Through Maxcdn you get NIST licensed encryption standard which permits you to generate the most secured atmosphere appropriate for e-commerce.

MaxCDN Review on Customer support

MaxCDN provides free 24/7/365 customer support through email and phone. Its web site has a straight forward FAQ page.


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