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Nethosting is a web host mainly targeting at small business and enterprise customers. They grow their business by focusing on the core principles of Service, Quality, Reliability, and Value. You could get very promising dedicated server, VPS and Cloud hosting solution from NetHosting.

In addition, the NetHosting provides customers a competitive pricing without renewal price hike, 100% uptime and 30 days of full money back guarantee.

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Nethosting ( is an international brand created by Fibernet who is an Internet Service and Colocation provider on purpose of reaching a broader market. The company also expands Fibernet product line to shared hosting, APP hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

Nethosting aims at providing quality services with outstanding reliability and value. With 18 years of effort, Nethosting awards worldwide recognition. In below, we are going to make a comprehensive review to find out what makes Nethosting a trustable web host.

Nethosting Review - Pricing

Nethosting is well-known for its pricing as well. Unlike many other web hosts, Nethosting does not have price hikes. It means if customers receive a very low price in the first contract, they can get it in the second contract without renewal price hikes. As for shared hosting, the prices are as following:

  • For 12 Month Terms, customers need to pay $5.95/month; 
  • For 24 Month Terms, they need to pay $4.95/month;
  • For 36 Month Terms, they nedd to pay $3.95/month only.

According to “No Price Hikes”, customer can benefit from these affordable prices not only in the first contract, but also in the second contract.

Nethosting Review - Unlimited Features

Just as we mentioned above, Nethosting has a complete set of offerings from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. Especially, Nethosting takes pains to design all-in-one shared hosting, which is extremely attractive for its unlimited features, such as:

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited file transfer
  • Unlimited hosting space
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited FTP accounts

Besides these unlimited features, Nethosting shared hosting also includes other practical features to help customers get online easily. There are the major outstanding features below, including:

  • cPanel control panel – helping customers manage their files, install dozens of scripts, create emails, monitor statistics, etc.
  • Easy, 1-click application installs – simplifying the processor of installing popular apps such as WordPress, Zen Cart, Drupal and more
  • CloudLinux – the best shared hosting platform delivers the best performance
  • 30-day money back guarantee – getting rid of risks for customers


With the generous features and other assistances, Nethosting can easily reach the promise of providing high quality web hosting solutions.

Nethosting Review -100% Uptime Guarantee 

Nethosting uses the data center owned and operated by its parent company, Fibernet Corp. This data center is 24/7 manned by experienced engineers, equipping with premium facility, redundant power and network, as well as high level of security. Thereby, Nethosting is confident to give 100% uptime guarantee. Please check the details of Fibernet data center:

Nethosting Review -Facility

The building of Nethosting data center is Class A SMARTwith zone 4 seismic design and 20 degree raised static resistant floor. Redundant Liebert HVAC systems, double-interlock pre-action fire suppression and York International & Carrier cooling plant enpowers it to run funcitonally against the effect of temperature. 

Nethosting Review -Power

The data center adopts world-class Liebert UPS, Cummins/ONAN generators with dual fuel carrier to supply power uninterruptedly. Besides, Nethosting also tests the diesel generators and UPS regularly.

Nethosting Review -Network

Network of Nethosting is built up on the base of Cisco infrastructure completely. The Carrier Neutral Facility offers better flexibility and savings. Nethosting network provides premium dual-entrance fiber provided by Qwest, XO, MCI, Integra, Municipal Network, etc. In addition, it also equipped with redundant BGP bandwidth over multiple Tier-1 carrier.

Nethosting Review -Security

Security is also one of the most important standards measuring the preformance of data center. Nethosting has reached 6 levels of 24 hour security and equipped with real-time camera surveillance, biometric access and Proxy Card  and SAS 70 Compliance.

Nethosting Review -30 Days of Money Back Guarantee

Nethosting is confident that its hosting is the best, but for high satisfaction rate, the company still offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. So, if customers decide that Nethosting is not suitable for them, they can take the advantage of Nethosting no questions asked 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. 

Nethosting Review - Technical Support

Nethosting Technical Support is quite user friendly. Customers at Nethosting can receive 24 hour a day, 7 days a week support. When customers have troubles, they can contact its support team at any time. Its diverse channels are another advantage of Nethosting, including phone, live chat, and email. 

Nethosting also has dedicated expert support to give customers higher class experience. Besides, FAQ is collected by Nethosting for customers to search for answers related to their questions.

Nethosting Review -Drawbacks

Nethosting only has one shared hosting package. We have to admit that Nethosting provides a very powerful shared hosting solution with unlimited features at affordable prices. However, only one package will make customers get into choice troubles. 

When to Consider Nethosting?

As part of Fibernet Corp, Nethosting has very strong backbone. Considering unlimited feature, 100% uptime, as well as excellent technical support, it is no wonder that Nethosting is very popular in the industry. Especially, Nethosting all-in-one shared hosting is ideal for small business customers.  

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