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Peer1 is one of the world's top 5 hosting providers, who have 18 data centers across North America and Europe. And the services from Peer1 include dedicated server, cloud hosting, collocation and CDN. So far, they have 20,000+ Servers under managed.

Peer1 is a public company in Toronto stock exchange since 2008.

They guarantee Zero downtime, No Junior Technical support, 1 hour hardware replacement, 24*7 first call support, free charge of hosting issue troubleshooting and 30 days money back.

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PEER1 ( provide a host of Internet hosting services. Services like managed hosting, dedicated servers, cloud services and collocation. It's a Canadian based company established at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They also have a European operations headquartered at Southampton, U.K. The company provides its services to over 13000 customers. They offer flexible and stable services. They provide reliable, fast and secure hosting solutions.

Peer1 Review on Features

  • 10Gbps FastFiber Network - 25000 miles of dedicated network fiber, 16 data-centers across 3 countries – Canada, the United States of America and United Kingdoms, 10 colocation facilities,19 Point of Presence (PoP), 20,000 dedicated servers.
  • They provide Managed Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Colocation, Network Services, hosted email service; cloud services, cloud storage and cloud based graphic processing.
  • They have a division for dedicated servers – ServerBeach
  • And a division for public cloud hosting – Zunicore
  • Supported OS – Microsoft Windows and Red Hat.
  • Security and data backup is high.

Peer1 Pricing

Although they seem pricey but they assure total value for every penny spent. You might find dedicated hosting services for a lot cheaper price; you might not get the top quality service that you receive at Peer 1 hosting. With their 100% uptime and 24/7 customer support, you won't mind spending.

Performance Reliability

Peer1 utizlies 16 data-centers, all this ensures speedy data and high performance. If the customer is facing with some problem, there are technicians who are available to troubleshoot any problems or issues 24/7. They provide functions needed for dedicated hosting

The company uses the best technology in network providers to ensure 100% uptime. Also Cisco Networking technology is used to ensure uninterrupted hosting solution. They promise 100% power, HVAC and network uptime. If they failed to keep up with their promise or failed to replace the failed hardware, they are are liable to crediting the customer account with 5% of the Net MRC for each hour of downtime.

Customer support

They are always and easily available to you, either you are a customer already or you are planning to be. They provide 24/7 customer support. They have a live chat option on their site; you can ask questions regarding sales via emails. They also have a toll free number. Customers can login to get full assistance.

Drawbacks of Peer1

Not so user friendly

PEER 1 website’s can get very confusing & overwhelming. This makes finding information about pricing/plans you want very frustrating.

When to consider Peer1

If you have a business- large or small and you want the untamed power of Internet to empower your business, you are looking for 'A-one' services and you don't mind price tag, then Peer1 is for you and visit for more information.

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Peer1 review from Macadam recommends Peer1 Mission Critical Cloud
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301 ~ 600
2 ~ 3 years

I have my website and domain name with peer1, and i have had it for nearly 3 years. Sincerely, i have never really had any terrible experience. The hosting has always been very excellent and fast, the support is very helpful indeed, response times are fast. Overall, peer1 is a great web host, and i would buy from the company again. Hope it can maintain the quality and high level, and i will also recommend to all of others.

Peer1 review from Philemon Green recommends Peer1 Mission Critical Cloud
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601 ~ 1000
1 ~ 2 years

Peer 1 has been my sole provider for over 1 year. It has been extremely good with delivering me high reliability and fast speed performance, also as well as helping solve most of my support issues. Seriously, Peer 1 cloud hosting comes with flexible configurations, hyper-scale, and it also makes great efforts on every element of my environment, including virtual, physical and bandwidth. Another advantage that impresses me its complete customer supports through telephone, live chat and email. Peer 1 is good for business.

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