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Sharktech Internet Services provides high quality and affordable services for VPS servers, dedicated servers, and DDoS protection services. Established in 2003, Sharktech has seen a decade of business development and growth and understands the customer needs with their motto, "Treat a customer's server as if it were our own."

Sharktech has four data centers to gaurantee the 99.9% network uptime. It provides 24/7/365 customer service through telephone, email or tickets. Besides, Sharktech also has three geo-diverse datacenters across the United States.

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Sharktech (, operating out of Las Vegas, offers a complete package of high-transfer server hosting, managed services, and DDoS protection services at affordable prices. With over 15 years of business growth and concentrated development, Sharktech has grown up into a web hosting leader in DDoS protection market with wholly-owned four world-class data centers.

Sharktech Review- Promotion and Pricing

Currently, Skarktech provides a special discount for all of its servers. If you go with the promo code “YEAR16”, then you can save 20% off no matter which plan they sign up with. Just in the case of Sharktech VPS hosting, the entry-level plan starts at $15.20/mo instead of $19/mo normally under discount, along with 1 core, 512MB memory, 40GB HDD storage, 4 IP addresses, and 10Mbps bandwidth. 

In addition to that, there is a set of flexible billing cycles like 3/6/12 months allowing you to freely choose from. Usually, the longer term means the larger savings.

Sharktech Review-Features

Thanks to its founder Timrawi noticing a lack for DDoS protection services in the marketplace, Sharktech becomes the first hosting company that offers DDoS filtered IPs with budget price. As a result of that, Sharktech is praised for pioneering the low-cost DDoS mitigation industry. Now, the company automatically protects all hosting services from all types of DDoS attacks up to 20 Gbps. 

Sharktech bare metal server packages come with various features aside from DDoS protection, including lightning-fast network, fast deployment, premium data centers, as well as customer-friendly and sophisticated support. 

The web host also grants you the ability to customize your server’s RAM, SSD hard drives, and network uplinks as needed. Basic features included in the prime plan are Intel® Xeon® X3430 quad processor with speed of 2.4GHz, 8GB RAM, 2TB storage, and 30TB bandwidth.

When it comes to Sharktech VPS hosting plans, you are allowed to choose from a variety of operating systems: Free BSD, Linux Debian, Linux CentOS, Linux OpenSUSE, Linux Fedora Core, Linux Ubuntu, Microsoft Windows and etc. With this service, you can benefit from the standard features as included in its bare metal server plans. 

Sharktech Review-Uptime Guarantee

Once signing up with Sharktech, it provides you wiith a 99.99% network guarantee. If the company fails to meet the network guarantee terms of the SLA, people are entitled to request compensation from 5% to 25% of monthly fee credited. 

Note that downtime must be reported to Sharktech’s HelpDesk within ten business days of the downtime and must be verified by the company.  

Sharktech Review- High Performance of Internet Services

Sharktech operates out four state-of-the-art data centers: Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Denver. The web host equips these data centers with biometric scans, offsite backups, and 24/7 technical support to reach top-notch stability and performance. Another important part is, the web host utilizes the latest Intel Xeon servers with SSD technology, which boosts its page speed in a large degree. 

To secure its network, Sharktech has developed unique firewalls to handle as high as 48 million packets per second. It also provides a self-designed intrusion detection system doing real-time network monitoring and detecting traffic anomalies. 

Sharktech Review- User-Friendly

Sharktech adopts the most user-friendly control panel—cPanel for its users’ accounts. The cPanel lets you manage almost all aspects of your accounts in a quite easy way. Apart from that, the hosting company has an alternative DirectAdmin for people to go with. 

Sharktech Review- Customer Support

The customer support team at Sharktech can handle any concerns quickly, and they also keep in contact with you via many methods. Whenever you need help, you can contact with its support team via telephone, ticket and/or email at any time. For other support, you can take advantage of its knowledgebase. 

Sharktech Review-Drawbacks

No Money Back Guarantee

Sharktech does not offer you a money back guarantee, which makes the hosting firm look less competitive when compared to other famous web hosts like InMotion Hosting, Dreamhost and etc.

Normal Customer Service  

Sharktech has robust foundation to ensure high performance for its hosting services, but its customer support is really normal indeed. Even worse, Sharktech does not provide live chat support.

When to consider Sharktech?

Sharktech provides high level hosting services worldwide for you. It has four data centers to provide Colocation, dedicated and cloud/VPS servers. The performance of its internet services is top notch and its guaranteed network uptime ensures enhanced reliability of the hosting services. Additionally, the price of its service is affordable. After discounting, Sharktech VPS starts at $15.20/mo only. More than that, being a pioneer in providing DDoS protection services, Sharktech has mastered the art. For more information, please visit


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