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Web.com (Nasdaq: WWWW) is a leading online service provider who mainly target at small businesses. They offers a full range of web services, including website design, online marketing, SEO, lead generation and e-commerce solutions for every stage of the small business lifecycle.

So far, 15+ million websites have been created with Web.com tools and services! Web.com is managing over 3 million domains. They acquired Register.com in 2010 and NetworkSolutions in 2011, if we consider them all together, Web.com will be the 2nd largest domain registrar in the world.

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Web.com (www.web.com) is a web hosting company that offers clients include web hosting services, website design , e-commerce hosting , SSL certificates domain registration, along with other services. The company acquired NetworkSolutions in 2011 and is primarily focus to help SME to succeed in the on line platform.

Web.com review on Features

Web.com makes creating your own website every easy with offering tons of features that they can use such as:

  • Free Domain
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • PHP5, Ruby on Rails, Python, Zend
  • Custom Website Design
  • 1-Click WordPress installation

What’s more, Web.com offers their users; Business Site Building Option, Easy Content Management, Professional Web Hosting, Starter Site Content, Hundreds of Design Templates, Google AdWords Credits and more.

Web.com Pricing

With Web.com customers can enjoy affordable web hosting packages, whether if they’re an online shop or SME ecommerce site owner. The company has 3 shared hosting plans to suit their needs. The ‘Essential Hosting’ package comes with disk space of 300GB, unlimited data transfer, a free domain, 25 FTP accounts, AWStats and more. The cost of the, ‘Essential Hosting ‘plan with an annual term is $9.96/month.

Web.com Hosting Reliability

Web .com delivers clients excellent clustered reliability servers to ensure fast hosting speeds and excellent network up time. Their datacenters are fully secured, with UVAC cooling systems, backup power supplies and are monitored 24/7/365.

Web.com Customer Support

Web.com customers can contact the web.com team reached all day and all night (24/7) via phone line and email. Other support services offered by web.com include FAQ, company blog, a regular blog, newsletter, and their advice and resource page.

Drawbacks of Web.com

Ecommerce/online features cost extra

All users that want to use ecommerce features will have to pay extra for their feature.

When to consider Web.com

Small businesses and ecommerce sites is highly recommended and should consider Web.com for their solutions. For more info visit www.web.com

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Web review from Willette Conroy doesn't recommend Web Linux Web Hosting
Site www.educatetogether4success.com
Small Business
0 ~ 300
0 ~ 3 months

After 3 weeks with this company, I have a site that cannot be seen on the internet. When anyone tries to access my site they get This site does not exist within the LDAP database. This is not the only problem, they have very little capabilities in the area of mobile apps for site and yet won't allow you go to other company. My website is being held hostage while I am paying for a facebook ad that is now running with a site that is not working. I have emailed over 900 friends and invited them a site that can't be seen. I have gone around and placed and given over 1500 business cards to people. My credibility is shot. I hope I can recoup once I finally have my site up. No one at WEB.com can give me answer and or a solution. I asked them to point my site to facebook page and they wouldn't The worse part of it all is that no one is willing to make things right. No calls from anyone hire up to apologize and offer to do SOMETHING to make this right.

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