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Yahoo is one of the largest web hosts in the world, this somehow benefit from their brand awareness and carefully designed hosting solutions. Yahoo hosting is perfect for web beginner considering a serials of free tool they provide to help on web design, tracking site performance and internet marketing.

In 2015, Yahoo for small business changed its name into Aabaco Small Business that offers three different business solutions, including basic plan, advanced plan and premium plan. 

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Yahoo! was founded in 1994, and now it has developed an American multinational technology company. It is well-known for its web portal, search engine Yahoo!, and related offerings. Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business ( is the shift of Yahoo Directory, officially announced in 2015. 

Yahoo Aabaco Small Business mainly provides website hosting solutions, ecommerce solutions, searching marketing, domains, business mails and advisor. Yahoo web hosting is an ideal product to help customers start, build, and grow their business online successfully. Let’s figure out why Yahoo Aabaco Small Business is so good to web beginners and small business sites. 

Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business Review - Pricing 

The pricing of Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business is very cheap. Basic plan normally starts from $5.99/mo, Advanced plan is from $9.99/mo, and Premier plan from $14.99/mo. What’s more, the web host gives different discounts for different billing cycles. Even better, Aabaco Small Business web hosting pushes out additional sale discounts for the first 3 months. In below, we list its price structure.

From the price list above, we can know that Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business gives up to 55% off discounts from the standard price. No matter which plan with any term, customers can feel ease to purchase because its high price value.

Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business Review - Features 

Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business designs 3 website hosting plans, including a wide range of outstanding features. Please check the features below:

  • At least 100 GB disk space, 1000 GB monthly data transfer, as well as 1 free domain and 100 subdomains
  • 10 to unlimited site pages and 250 to 1000 email addresses with unlimited email storage and POP & STMP support 
  • Customizable website designs with ideal templates and site building checklist; Accounts access for friends and colleagues; Fully customizable forms for survey, feedback, etc.
  • Map with preconfigured driving directions to customers’ businesses
  • Built-in audio player and download tools; Website tracking and reporting software; $100 searching marketing credit 

All these are the basic features in 3 small business hosting plans. Besides, to reach some advanced users’ needs, Small Business also gives more development features in Advanced Plan and Premier Plan. These features are as following:

  • Aabaco Small Business website builder and 3rd party designs and development tools
  • Multiple programming languages including PHP 5.3.6, Perl 5.8.7
  • Secure FTP, file manager, and WordPress blogging
  • Virtually unlimited databases, MySQL 5.1 with phpMyAdmin 
  • Password protection, Snapshot backups and shared SSL certificates with 256k encryption

According to the list of Small Business website hosting features, we learn that the host provides all thing customers may need.

Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business Review - Uptime and Reliability

Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business utilizes redundant data centers to host customers’ servers and invests a lot of resources to maintain reliable facilities for customers’ websites, online stores and data. Exclusive Unix operating system in multiple servers with caching & load balancers ensures redundant computing resources to keep customer’ sites up and run smoothly. 

The company has 24 hour monitoring on these facilities and implements a series of security measures against environmental hazards and unauthorized visitors that may compromise website data.

We think that’s why Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business can promise 99.9% website uptime guarantee.

Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business Review -30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business gives 30-day satisfaction guarantee. To be specific, this policy is valid to both new customers and existing customers. And only if the total web hosting fee paid by customers is more than $9.95 per year, customers can request a refund within the initial 30 days of the first order.

Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business Review - Tech Support

Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business technical support is responsive and reliable. The company will offer 24 hour support via phone call and email. Besides, every customer at Aabaco Small Business will receive the guides online step by step, to help customers build their sites, especially for some web beginners.

In addition to that, Aabaco Small Business also prepares comprehensive help center and video tutorials, in which customers can find much useful information to solve site issues.

Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business Review - Drawbacks 

Aabaco Lacks Higher Class Servers. It only focuses on helping small business get online successfully, but with the ecommerce booming, some small businesses expend rapidly and need to upgrade to higher class servers, like VPS hosting, to deal with high traffic. Only providing shared hosting solution is not a big drawback, but Aabaco Small Business need to think further when it faces the fast growing economy.

When to Consider Yahoo! Small Business

Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business specializes in shared hosting and can provide very premium features at low prices. Considering its high uptime and satisfaction guarantee, we highly recommend it for individual sites, bloggers and small businesses sites. 

To get more information about Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business and its webhosting plans, please visit

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