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Zhuji91 is a leading web hosting service provider in Hongkong who is well-known for its rich features, fast web server and professional customer support.

Zhuji91 leverages world-class data center in Hongkong, and use 100% dell premium servers. Its hosting solutions are well-designed to meet the hosting needs from individuals, web developers and small business. The company is serving for hundreds of thousands of web site now.

Zhuji91 guarantee 30 days money back guarantee.

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Zhuji91(www.zhuji91.com.hk) is a newly launched web hosting provider that primary focus on Asian customers and Chinese small businesses. The company provides ASP.NET hosting, WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting and SSD web hosting, not to mention offering domain services. As one of the best hosting companies in Asia, Zhuji91 has been expanding and making improvements to their hosting solutions and now has over 1000 websites and domains in counting.

Zhuji91 Review on Features

Zhuji91 offers powerful features highly suited for small business in the Asian market. The company basic hosting package includes:

  • 500 MB Disk Space
  • unlimited Parked Domain
  • dedicated IP
  • Multiple PHP versions: 5.2/5.3/5.4
  • Secure MySQL 5/phpMyAdmin

In addition, Zhuji91 also provides customers with the advanced CloudLinux OS, FTP, free for ICP license, free instant set-up, override .htaccess support and one click installation for WordPress, Drupal and etc.

Zhuji91 Price Value

When choosing hosting services from Zhuji91, customers will be happy that the company has many affordable plans. Regularly, their Windows and Linux hosting packages are priced $8.95/mo and &7.95/mo for a 1 year plan.

All customers that wish to that take a longer plan i.e. 2 or 3 years can get a special discount, therefore prices will be low as $4.95/mo. What’s more, all of Zhuji91 servers come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Zhuji91 Reliability and Performance

To maintain fast speed and uptime, Zhuji91 utilizes several datacenters that are 100% Dell servers, SAS 70 II certified and backed with 2x AMD Opteron 4226 (12 Cores) / 32GB / RAID5. Zhuji91 datacenters are monitored around the clock and have uninterrupted power system, fibre-optic link, DDoS attack response and Cisco firewall enabling customers 99.9% of server and fast loading page speeds.

Zhuji91 Technical Support

Zhuji91 technical support team consists of professional web hosting technicians who have many years’ experience on web hosting. The company provides support channels such as; Live chat, phone, email and knowledge base 24/7 all year. What’s more, Zhuji91 is a bilingual support team, since the company provides their technical support in both Mandarin and English languages.

Drawbacks of Zhuji91

No VPS Hosting

The only drawback is the company doesn’t provide VPS Hosting. So if your small business succeeds and well and you want to upgrade, unfortunately you may have to move web hosts.

When to consider Zhuji91

All customers that have personal websites or are small business owners are recommended to Zhuji91 hosting services. With the affordable hosting solutions and rich features that the company provides, this company would be ideal.

For more information about Zhuji91 please go to their site: www.zhuji91.com.hk


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