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Dedicated server offers the benefits of high reliability, server performance, security, and control. They are the best hosting choices for websites which have high-traffic, is built using complex web technology, or need a total control of the hosting environment. The Best Dedicated Server below are named based on the real customer reviews and our editor reviews.

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Dedicated Server Guide

Dedicated server hosting is a high-level hosting type that allows people to rent, use and control the whole server and resources without sharing with others. It comes with higher usability, more powerful feature and better performance than shared and even VPS hosting. Since dedicated server is quite expensive, it is usually recommended to large companies and enterprises.

In addition to some companies purchase dedicated server for business use directly, majority of people choose shared hosting to involve into the hosting field. But if the server speed becomes unreliable, or people need full control, more room & resources for further development, people need to consider dedicated server hosting.

Best Managed Dedicated Server Hosting from InmotionHosting

InmotionHosting is the industry best business hosting service provider. All its dedicated servers are 100% Premium Dell™ Servers and hosted in World class data centers with 1000M bps internet connection to multiple Tier 1 Backbones.

Its dedicated server includes 8GB memory, 6TB monthly transfer, 500GB SSD disk space, 5 free dedicated IP, and free cPanel. In terms of customer service, InmotionHosting offer True Comprehensive Support and promise to support all the standard tools available from cPanel, which include server configuration for all kinds of popular CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and etc. This is a TRUE managed dedicated server solution.

In terms of pricing, InmotionHosting dedicated server is also affordable to most people, especially businesses. Its entry level offers enough features to support a high traffic website, and price from $99.99/mo, and it also allow for monthly payment so that its customer won’t be locked in a long contact. And now, the company  is also offering a 36% off if people choose to a yearly terms, which makes the price at $119.99/mo. As Inmotion Hosting is guaranteeing 30 days money back, you should be safe to take this deal.

Inmotion Hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime, 30 days money back and 2 Hour Hardware Replacement on its dedicated server. To know more about it, please visit Inmotion Hosting.

Best Cheap Dedicated Hosting – 1and1

1and1 is one of the largest web hosting with over 11 million paid customers world wide. As a web hosting well-known for offering cheap hosting solution, 1and1 dedicated server will only charge you $59.99/month (monthly pay allowed) and offer you 2 Cores x 2.2 GHz, 2GB memory, 2 x 250 SATA and unlimited monthly transfer. The is really the cheapest dedicated server from top web hosts.

1and1 dedicated servers are cheap, but it doesn’t means it’s not good. According to our website monitoring system, the uptime of 1and1 is around 99.92% and the web page loading time is very fast, even for a complex Drupal site, it could be loaded within 1s or 2s.

The reason 1and1 could make such a low price is that they reduce the SLA of its dedicated service, such as its email support ticket waiting time is around 2 hours, or they don’t offer supports if you have server configuration issues. So, 1and1 dedicated server is good for those who know how to maintain web server by themselves, and for newbies, you should consider Inmotion Hosting or other Managed dedicated server solution.

Best Dedicated Hosting – Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the Top 10 web hosting in the industry. By leveraging world-class Softlayer datacenter, Hostgator is able to offer fast reliable full-managed dedicatd servers to all-sizes of businesses and top bloggers.

The basic dedicated server from Hostgator includes Intel Xeon E3-1220LV2 2.3GHz, 10 mbps Uplink, 4GB memory, 10TB monthly transfer, free cPanel and 5 dedicated IP. The price starts at $174/month, which looks a little bit higher than InmotionHosting and 1and1, but considering its brand, customer service and its state-of-art data centers. It still worth the price.

Dedicated Server Hosting Guide

If VPS hosting cannot better serving the websites, or people now have the highest demands of web hosting environment, server resources and backup support, they will often decide to go with dedicated server hosting, the most advanced and most expensive hosting type in the market.

Simply put, instead of sharing resources among different users, dedicated server hosting offers people an entire server, and also gives them the choice of hardware, operating system and more. Mainly, people take control over software &application installation and optimization aspects, while the hosting provider will help manage the dedicated server equipment, resolve hardware issues, and ensure the server runs properly.

Although the hosting providers will take care of hardware related problems, customers can have easy access to review and monitor the operation status. One of the most popular and feasible ways is to install control panel like cPanel/WHM.

Compared to shared hosting and VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting comes with much higher flexibility and security. For businesses, organizations and enterprises, these features are quite important and useful to protect their valuable and private information. There are some essential aspects of dedicated server hosting that people need to know, and we will introduce them in detail.

Required Server & Hardware Resources

When people decided to purchase dedicated server hosting, the contained features and resources will be their first consideration. If the website content is based on simple pictures or texts, it does not need to have large server resources and just choose a normal dedicated server hosting service. For people who plan to run complex websites with large content, then they have to take the contained resources into account.

  • Operating System – Generally, dedicated server hosting providers allow customers to choose between Linux and Windows operating system. Finding out the differences of different operating systems and what kinds of operating system type works best and smoothest for people’s specific demands can also make sure them run as expected.
  • CPU – CPU is the most important factor of server processing power, meanwhile, the processing speed affects the running of applications and some particular processes. Compared to the dedicated server hosting with one single processor, the dual-core and multi-core CPU processors would deliver faster performance and much better workload balance.
  • Disk Space/Storage – Disk space determines how a website can serve applications and content like pictures, texts, videos and etc. It is very vital to get enough disk space before starting use dedicated server hosting, because once the system runs out of disk space, extra application installation, upload and backup cannot work properly. It would be easy if the hosting provider allows adding additional disk space resource directly. Otherwise, people have to transfer to a new dedicate server, and this might cause data loss and downtime.
  • RAM – RAM is the core factor determining how many tasks can be run at the same time and their running speed on a computer. If RAM amount is low, it will take long time to process the information and data. For businesses, this will result in terrible sale and customer loss.
  • Bandwidth – Bandwidth, also known as monthly data transfer, its usage copes with how much data and information can be served, usually per month, and also is decided by the fees of hard drive replacement. Bandwidth increase can be completed within one day, and some other providers can satisfy customers’ needs immediately.
  • Backup – Instead of relying on some online backup tools and service, we suggest people to backup their database, files and the entire server once a week though their control panel. Backup and store them on another separate hard drive is considered as one of the most secure ways to prevent any possible crash.

Security of Dedicated Server Hosting

Although dedicated server hosting has the highest security level, it still needs to be well protected. As an administrator of a dedicated server, people are responsible for setting up, controlling software/application firewall and rootkits test. At the same time, they cannot ignore the possible security vulnerability. Moreover, it is very important to know how to fill the weakness in dedicated server hosting and websites, and also identify the drawbacks that may be used by hackers. To find high secured dedicated server, besides HostUCan, you could also refer to websites like and

Choose Unmanaged or Managed

Of course, hosting professionals and experts know how to design, develop, maintain and protect servers, applications and websites very well. Unmanaged dedicated server will be the right option for these persons.

However, but like we mentioned above that it is not easy to secure dedicated server hosting, especially for pure businessmen. To help this out, hosting providers provide them managed server option, which usually charges at more expensive price than unmanaged server. With it, a technical support team of hosting provider will handle the setup, install, maintain, monitor and other aspects, ensuring people the easiest server process. If something goes wrong, technicians and engineers have ability to protect the server from attacks, issues and harms.

Why Dedicated Server hosting

Perhaps you have a website on a shared server. However, your host notices that you are getting more traffic. This will slow down the system because you are hogging all the traffic in your website. This usually happens when small businesses in these servers become popular. In these types of situations, the web host could ask you to move to a dedicated server because the other customers in the shared service are becoming unhappy. Don’t take this as a bad thing because it is actually for the better.

What is a Dedicate Server Hosting?

This is a kind of hosting wherein the client rents a complete server that is not shared with anyone. It offers more flexibility compared shared hosting since they have total control over the server. They can have the choice of hardware, operating system and more.


  • With a dedicated server, you will basically have full control of the server. It will be like your own space on the interwebs and you can do anything you want with it, provided that you follow the rules and terms of your provider.
  • It is flexible.
  • You will not share this server with anyone.
  • You will be offered a large amount of bandwidth for your site. This means that you can maximize your content. At the same time, you will also not be limited to having visitors. You no longer have to worry about having a lot of visitors and your website slowing down because of them.
  • These dedicated servers usually utilize extreme security measures. Therefore, you can be assured that the data you have in your server will be safe. The providers will often deploy security measures to scan their servers in order to ensure the safety of their system.
  • You have the freedom to install software that you need on your server. Most times, the providers offer software as part of their package.
  • A control panel will help you automate the creation of your website and server management as well.


  • The cost of leasing a dedicated server is always the number one concern of owners. You should always consider if the cost of the server will be returned by the business that you are doing.
  • To be able to successfully manage a dedicated server, you have to have the skills and knowledge to do so.

Having a server where you can “roam freely” in your business endeavour is something very good. However, do make sure that your business is good enough so that you will be able to maintain the amount that you pay for the server. If your business is small and you don’t want to risk much, then you should probably try out VPS hosting instead.

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