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Email hosting service would allow you to have emails with your domain name. Email address is an important brand of business, which makes Email hosting service the best choice for small business as for its affordable price.

The top 10 Best email hosting service provoders below are named based on our expert reviews and their customer feedbacks, which are your best choice when looking for 3rd parter to host your email.

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The importance of Business Emailbox


Buisness Identify Online

With respect to the self-email-system using third party, Business Emailbox service cost low;

Anti Spam and Anti Virus

Email hosting service come with anti spam technology will help safeguard your information and also keep spam emails away from your business.
专业运营 安全稳固


The service is maintained by experts who will guarantee the system run fast and smoothly. Ensure you receive every important business emails.
多客户端支持 沟通提速

Access Anywhere, Any Device

With email hosting service, you can grab your emails from anywhere, including Desktop, web-browser, smartphone, and more.

What is Email Hosting?


What is Email Hosting?

An email hosting services is an Internet hosting service that runs or rather operates email servers. In simple terms if you own a domain name and you want email service on your domain name then you just have sign up for the email hosting service, and this gives you a personalized email account.

The hosting email services mainly cater for demanding email user and small and medium-sized (SME) businesses. You can agree with me that this gives them a big plus point. As for the large enterprises they do run their own email hosting services on their equipment.

Hence the email hosting can be done by either managing the in-house servers or outsourcing the email hosting, and therefore there are various possibilities of sending or receiving emails under your own domain which are;

  • Through managing the in-house servers.
  • By outsourcing Email hosting to an Email hosting provider.
  • Through the email hosting service offered by your webhost as an additional feature.

It should be noted that the above three has their merits and demerits for example having a professional manage your email services gives you peace of mind .Helps you focus on your business but finding the best you ought to be careful. Managing the in-house servers may be viewed as a better option but it might be quite hectic and you need IT people to manage the servers.

Some benefits of email hosting include;

  • Communication is made more professional.
  • It's cost effective. Compared to the benefits you get from them the account costs almost nothing.
  • Professional email accounts come with more and better and benefits compared to a free email service.
  • Definitely a business email account is trusted more than a free mail account by the customers.

Email hosting services offer premium email at a cost as compared to the advertisement-supported free email. But best of all, email hosting is very much affordable.

Let us have a look at some of the necessary features or rather vital requirements for a good email hosting.

Spam control

Junk and spam emails are identical electronic messages that con people usually send to different numbers of people and they are primarily used to get information about the recipient or to install any malware application to recipient’s computer. Spam is mainly unsolicited and sent in bulk which in turn leads to decrease in efficiency. Do make sure that the service providers have a wide range of technologies applied to keep spam out of your mail box.

Emailing list creations

Emailing lists simply refer to a special use of email that allows a widespread distribution of information to many users by use of a single email.

Normally , a list of the email addresses is needed, the names of the recipients or rather users and a reflector which is a single email address that, when designated as the recipient will send a copy of the message to all users. Then the information is sent to everyone subscribed to the mailing list.

While searching out for an email host, ensure that you can create and also edit the mail lists from your domain. You will agree with me it is a vital feature.

Email forwarding

Also known as email redirect, email forwarding simply refers to the act of re-sending emails delivered to one email address on to another different email address or multiple email addresses .

This involves redirecting mail going to one address and sending it to one or several addresses or email item going in to several addresses converging and forwarding them to end up in a single address inbox. Either way the term email forwarding do apply.

This is another important feature to consider while selecting an email host.

Availability of auto-responders

This is another special feature to consider.

An auto-responder is a special feature that allows you to automatically send a response or reply when an email is sent to a specific email address. Allowing you to send a prewritten reply in response to questions asked or rather sent by your users.

They can be created in the manager and attached to email addresses. Therefore the responder will not have to respond to spam or messages that do not have a target email address in the header.

Where do I get the best email hosting?

Am quite sure that is the question everyone is asking by now. I may not be in a position to recommend or give you the list but I would tell you for free that there are many email hosting providers that will come to your liking. Almost all providers offer standard email hosting. Compare the many email hosting providers and choose one that works best for you and won’t restrict you in any way. Find one that will let you send large volume of emails with minimum restrictions.


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