Best Hong Kong Web Hosting

Hong Kong web hosting become the best hosting choice if you want to target at Asia customers, expecial Chinese. However, there are only few high quality hosting service providers in Hong Kong, and in below, we list out the top 10 best Hong Kong web hosting based on our editor reviews and customer reviews.

Why Hong Kong Hosting?

  • Fast Connection to Asia Customers
  • Great for Visitors from China Mainland
  • No Regulation for Chinese Government
  • No Need on ICP License

Top 10 Hong Kong Web Hosting

Most Popular Shared Web Hosting

Bisend Review

By partneringn with the Hong Kong Best Data center, Bisend offer one of the fastest hosting service in HK.

  • Fiber Connection to China Mainland
  • Free SSD Storage & Free SSL
  • Plesk Control Panel
$2.95/mo 71% Off

Host4ASP.NET Review

Dedicated to offer Windows-base web hosting, with data center in Hong Kong

  • Windows Hosting with Plesk Control Panel
  • Free SSL, & Free Backup
  • Profession Support in English
$2.95/mo 40%

GoDaddy Review

The largest domain registrars with data centers worldwide, offering both Linux and Windows Hosting

  • Support with Multiple Languages
  • 1-click Application Installer
  • Plesk&cPanel Control Panel
$1/mo 87% Off

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Hong Kong Hosting Review

Hong Kong Web Hosting Q&A

Best Hong Kong Web Hosting - Bisend

In below, we will make an in-depth analysis to explain why Bisend is the best web hosting in HongKong.

Who is Bisend

Bisend ( is a pioneer in Hong Kong we hosting industry. Its leadership team have over 15 years in web development and understand the hosting needs from individuals and small business very well. They leverage the industry-leading hosting technology including Dell-premium web server, Cloud Linux technology ( or Windows server 2008), Plesk, and etc, all those make Bisend the best hosting choice in Hong Kong.

Bisend Web Hosting Features

At Bisend, both Windows and Linux platforms are available for customers, which include all the possible features to help customers empower multi-functional, powerful and scalable websites.

The entry hosting solutions contain 4G disk space, unlimited data transfer & domains and subdomains and many other necessary features.

Moreover, Bisend customers can get access to PHP 5.4/5.5/5.6/7.0, MySQL 5, Perl, Python, PHP.ini, phpMyAdmin as well as .htaceess. These optimized features can help customers operate their websites easily and sufficiently.

Additionally, the company offers customized Plesk, giving them the power and flexibility to manage websites easily.

Bisend Web Hosting Price

It is very happy to tell customers that they can get a wide range of hosting packages at very competitive price.

In order make these services more accessible to customers, the exclusive promotion comes to them. Now, customers can get the Bisend web hosting starting from $2.95, almost 45% off the regular price, $8.95/mo.

If customers intend to revamp their current design, Bisend provides them an easy way to upgrade more optimized hosting solutions to meet their requirements.

Bisend Web Hosting Reliability

The mission of Bisend is to ensure every customer 99.9% uptime, industry-leading fast speed as well as secure online environment.

It is very important for customers to run their websites smoothly. On the one hand, the company utilizes state-of-the-art Hong Kong data centers. On the other hand, redundant power generator, mature upstream suppliers are all included.

Furthermore, the company uses 100% premium Dell servers with RAID-5 fast storage, 16+CPU core, and 24+ GB memory to make sure the resource allocated to each server. To customers’ happiness, all servers are monitored 24/7 so that customers can enjoy solid environment to run their websites without any concern.

Bisend Customer Support

Bisend makes a point of the quality of customer support. At Bisend, customers can get reliable, professional and solid customers support. Their support engineers are good at both English and Mandarin, which will free you worry about language issues.

The support center has plenty of web hosting experience and has committed to offering round-the-clock assistances to deal with customers’ issues as soon as possible. What’s more, Knowledge is always available for them to find solutions quickly.

Besides, the company offers no-question asked 30 day money back guarantee, which enables customers get a full refund if they cancel their accounts in the first 30 days.

Bisend is Highly Recommended

According to the points what we discussed above, it is easy to make a conclusion that Bisendweb hosting can offer rich features, high-performance reliability, dedicated customer support to back up their websites at very affordable price. Hence, it is a great option for individuals bloggers and small businesses to choose Bisend.

If customers are eager to get to know more information about Bisend web hosting, please visit Bisend or check out Bisend Review.

Why Hong Kong Web Hosting

Hong Kong web hosting has become the first choice of the webmasters who make out a plan to start their business in Asia. This is because many Hong Kong hosting companies offer reliable web hosting service that is optimized for Asian visitors. In addition to the standard hosting features, they make sure that almost all the people in Asia can access to the hosted websites in a fast speed.

When choosing a hosting solution, webmasters always consider a lot about the budget, quality, speed and reliability. In addition to those general elements, an excellent web host should also be powered by the progressive technologies and no need for ICP license.

No Need for ICP License

ICP license, abbreviation for Internet Content Provider, is a permission that allows the websites to be hosted in China successfully. If you plan to develop your site in China, you should apply for this permit at first, or the Chinese government will block your site. However, the whole application procedure is time-consuming and effort-consuming because people always need to take over one month to get this permit.

In this circumstance, many people are looking for a hosting service that can help them start their sites without ICP license. And here, Hong Kong web hosting can meet their needs.  An excellent Hong Kong web host enables customers to build a China-based website free for ICP license and let webmasters save a lot of time and energy.

Fast Connections to Asian Countries

The hosting speed and reliability are regarded as the most important factors to a website. Thus, many webmasters have a high demand on those two aspects. The hosting company should utilize the world-class data centers in Hong Kong, equipped with robust web servers and the most advanced technologies.

A qualified Hong Kong web host has the ability to deliver stunning access speed to most Asian countries, like Japan, Korea, Thailand, etc. Besides, the 24/7 network monitoring is also indispensable. The professional technicians should keep testing and detecting all the facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A Great Popularity among Customers

When first knowing about a web host, customers have no idea whether it is qualified to host a website. Except for what we have discussed above, you need to collect a large amount customer reviews about the company on the aspects of pricing, features and technical support to make an exact judgment on a hosting provider.

Pricing & Features

Every webmaster wishes to find a hosting company who can provide the high quality services at an affordable price. Hong Kong web hosting is a good option for them. Compared with many America hosting providers, Hong Kong web hosting is much cheaper. This is because the consumption level in Hong Kong is commonly lower than America and the target customers mainly come from local areas. The pricing is starting at $4/mo in general.

Rich features help a lot as webmasters want to create a functional website effortless. In most cases, the hosting companies in Hong Kong offer both Linux and Windows operating systems and provide customers with all needed features. In addition to the abundant disk space and unlimited bandwidths, the web host should also offer the latest Microsoft technologies, programming languages, databases, etc.

Bilingual Technical Support

As the economic center of Asia, Hong Kong has appealed millions of people coming to start their business. Generally, Hong Kong citizens speak English as their second language. Under this condition, many web hosts can offer considerate after-sale service available in English and Mandarin, which allows the English-speaking customers to get the customer service smoothly.

Popular Country/Region for Hosting

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