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Shared Web Hosting is the most economical option for hosting and is widely used by individuals and small businesses to host their blogs, personal sites, and coroporate sites. And the best Shared web Hosting below are named based on the real customer reviews and our editor reviews.

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Shared Web Hosting Guide

In generally Shared web hosting refers to multiple websites sharing a web server.  Each website runs on its own individual area of the server.  The performance resources on the server are shared for e.g. CPU and RAM, the Apache server, MySQL server and single mail server. Shared web hosting is a fantastic choice with respect to small websites, for e.g. personal blogs, small and medium sized companies.

The Advantages of Shared Web Hosting

There are many advantages of shared web hosting some are:

  • Affordable to purchase.  Since the server is actually distributed to a wide range of web websites the price of managing all of them could be divided between all of the customers therefore costing cheaper.
  • Server management. Shared web hosting can be simple to make use of along with one-click management options.  Shared web hosting provides you an assurance of quality when it comes to client support since it is one of the primary fundamentals of their company, and one of the promoting factors among web hosting providers. So if you are not aware of this kind of business, shared web hosting can be an excellent option because you know that your website is in great hands.
  • Easy to use. Also with shared web hosting, most of web hosts offer icon-based control panel (such as cPanel), with which you can access various features i.e. PHP & multiple e-mail support without a have a thorough knowledge of hosting and server management.

The Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting

When it comes to the drawbacks of shared web hosting:

  • Reliability. The major problem is the restricted resources at your disposal. Sharing servers is sharing with other customers on one physical machine, so therefore every individual gets more restricted service.  Let’s say, if any of the customers on the shared servers consumes a lot of traffic, CPU power or email capabilities etc., yourself or other individuals on the same machine will most likely experience poor hosting performance;
  • Resource Constraints.  Another disadvantage is not being able to install modules and programs in there server you need in order to run your own website and applications. Shared servers are maintained by companies’ administrators to fulfill the clients’ needs. This limitation may cause you problems if you need a component for your application that’s not installed.

When to consider Shared Web Hosting

So, when to consider shared web hosting?

You should consider shared web hosting if you’re a blogger, small or medium business or a development environment. There are several factors when considering shared hosting for e.g. Customer support, cPanel, Price, performance etc.

Lastly if you need of a website hosting provider, it’s good to consider a service that shares resources among other customers. You’ll save on monthly cost and fees, as well as other factors like administration and maintenance.  So make sure to choose the right Hosting that best matches yours or your company’s needs.

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