Best Shared Web Hosting 2021

Shared Web Hosting is the most economical option for hosting and is widely used by individuals and small businesses to host their blogs, personal sites, and coroporate sites.

Why Shared Web Hosting

  • Cost-Effective, Shared Hosting is Affordable
  • Full Managed with cPanel or Plesk
  • Feature Rich with Code-Ready Environment
  • Best for Small Businesses & Bloggers

Most Popular Shared Web Hosting

Inmotion Hosting Review

Leader of Buisness web hosting, 100% satisfaction guarantee with top notch support

  • 90 Days Money Back
  • Free Domain & Free SSD Storage
  • Free SSL & Hack Protection
$2.95/mo 57% Off

iPage Review

Cheapest shared web hosting, rich features included, best for web hosting beginners.

  • Free domain, Free Sitelock
  • 30 Days Money Back
  • Powerful Website Builder
$1.99/mo 75% Off

Bluehost Review

Most popular Linux Shared web hosting, huge customer bases in bloggers and small businesses.

  • 30 Days Money Back
  • Automatically Daily Backup
  • Email Anti-spam
$2.95/mo 64% Off

Bisend Review

Shared web hosting leaders in Linux and Windows web hosting, most developer-friendly hosting.

  • Data Center in US & HK
  • Free SSD Storage & Free SSL
  • Ready-to-Code environment
$2.95/mo 71% Off

WebHostingHub Review

High performance Shared web hosting with SSD, SSL, and free domain. Perfect for Bloggers

  • 90 Days Money Back
  • SSD Hosting, Free SSL
  • All-in-one Linux Hosting
$2.99/mo 67% Off

A2Hosting Review

Fast web hosting, developer friendly, pure SSD storage, support both Linux & Windows.

  • Anytime Money Back
  • Free SSL, Free SSD Storage
  • High Speed Web Server
$3.92/mo 51% Off

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Shared Web Hosting Q&A

#1 Best Shared Web Hosting – Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting is a leading business hosting service provider, its shared hosting is so powerful that fully meets the requirements to build business websites. Free SSD, free website transfer, free data backups and free advertising credits up to $250 are InmotionHosting special offers. Furthermore, 1-click shopping cart installation, over 400 applications, Google Apps integrations and much more create high prerequisites to activate business websites smoothly.

Rock-solid equipment is placed in datacenters across US land, including cooling conditioners, backup power machines, Dell servers and monitoring equipment. Moreover, InmotionHosting has exclusive Max Speed Zones, in which page-loading speed is faster. Additionally, InmotionHosting offers live chat, email and phone supports around the clock.

InmotionHosting shared hosting is inexpensive for business, which regularly starts at $7.99/mo. If customers go to InmotionHosting through our exclusive discount link, they will receive over 56% off discounts. So the starting price becomes $3.49/mo. Besides, 90-Day Money Back Guarantee for a full refund is leading in the industry.

InmotionHosting shared hosting contains rich features for business websites and is affordable. Its performance and support are outstanding too. Please visit to know more.

Best Cheap Shared Hosting – iPage

iPage shared hosting consists of various unlimited features, like hosting space, email accounts, domain hosting and data transfer. More than that, it also gives people free features covering domain name registrations, instant setup and site builder.

More than that, iPage shared hosting solution utilizes customized Apache web servers based on dual quad processors. And it guarantees 99.9% uptime and fast speed. On top of that, convenient live chat, phone and email supports are open for 24 hours a day.

On the price, iPage offers the lowest price. The regular starting price is $7.95/mo, and now the promotional price is $1.99/mo, almost more than 75% off, which makes it one of the cheapest hosting in the industry. Furthermore, Anytime Money Back Guarantee allows people to ask for a refund at anytime.

iPage shared hosting is cheap but has rich features, remarkable performance and convenient supports. To gain more details, please visit iPage.

Best Selling Shared Web Hosting – Bluehost

As one of the best web hosting in the world, Bluehost offer 3 shared hosting packages and the most popular one is Bluehost Basic shared hosting that delivers 1 websites, 50GB space, unlimited bandwidth,email accounts and email storage. If you need some advanced features, you can consider Plus plan which has Global CDN, 1 SpamExperts. All Bluehost plans include enhanced control panel, multiple scripting languages. And 1 installation to apps like WordPress is useful when people build sites.

Moreover, Bluehost owns datacenters as well as operates them. Therefore, websites hosted at Bluehost are so reliable that uptime reaches 99.9%. In addition, business-class hardware like SSD databases storage ensures fast website running speed. And 24/7 support make it possible to contact with Bluehost at anytime.

What’s more, Bluehost Basic hosting only starts at $7.99/mo. And clicking our unique promotion link, customers will enjoy 63% off and only pay $2.95/mo. Bluehost has 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, by which customers can ask for a 100% refund within the first 30 days and then money for the reminder hosting period.

Bluehost is the best shared hosting company for individual and small businesses to create websites. To know more about it, please visit

Why Host Website in Shared Web Hosting

Generally, shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting are three widely-used hosting types in the market. Dedicated server is always the first choice of large corporations, and shared web hosting is regarded as the entry level type for its low price and the nature of sharing the hardware with the other accounts.

Whether shared web hosting is only good for personals and small businesses, or maybe you are not truly knows about shared hosting and your real needs.

In this article below, we will reveal why shared hosting is also great for business site.

Shared Web Hosting is Powerful

When come to choose shared hosting to start business site, you might worry about that you cannot get enough resources to keep your website running with the growing increase of traffic. Surely, due to resource sharing, the operating system would assign these hardware resources as needed; it is not surprised that you might have such concern.

This worry only comes with if you know exactly your site’s traffic and contents you are going to offer. Most of the time, just because of the wrong deduction, you waste your money.

Actually, shared web hosting is powerful enough that can meet most business websites’ requirements. It is also an economical and practical hosting type, helps business owners save budgets by distributing cost to many other users.

Shared hosting servers are usually optimized that for carrying site contents, even if multiple accounts are placed on the same server. In addition, if you sign up shared hosting service from those top hosting providers like Bluehost and WebHostingHub who offer powerful hosting solutions, your worries are unnecessary. To know more shared hosting choice, please refer to and

Shared Web Hosting Security Can be Improved

From the business perspective, data security is particularly critical, and it also makes you hesitate if shared hosting is the right choice for your business website.

Of course, compared to VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting, shared hosting has the relatively lower security level without doubt, but this situation can be improved.

Let’s take Credit Card payment as an example, there are many merchant services that take payment processing responsibility for you when processing card/store payment online. These services are not free, but more importantly that your data is certainly safe.

Shared Hosting is Incredibly Easy to Use

If you select VPS or Dedicated Server, you may have to hire professional staffs for operations and maintenance. With shared hosting free, icon-based cPanel, you can easily manage files, emails, domains, applications, etc.

It also includes one-click installation for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, you can get your site create and run within just few minutes if your business only uses a single dynamic application, or offers relatively static contents. Besides, your shared hosting provider will reduce your workload because they will work on the operating system monitor, server update, and maintenance jobs.

In brief, take a clear and comprehensive understanding of your business site situation can help you find the right hosting service. And a reliable hosting provider can even make your business to success.

For example, Bluehost, one of the best small business hosting service providers, is managing over 3 million domains, and around 30% of its customers are businesses related. Now, with with the Bluehost coupon, people could get their business start at $3.95/mo only. Why you go with VPS or dedicated server?

The Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting

When it comes to the drawbacks of shared web hosting:

  • Reliability. The major problem is the restricted resources at your disposal. Sharing servers is sharing with other customers on one physical machine, so therefore every individual gets more restricted service.  Let’s say, if any of the customers on the shared servers consumes a lot of traffic, CPU power or email capabilities etc., yourself or other individuals on the same machine will most likely experience poor hosting performance;
  • Resource Constraints.  Another disadvantage is not being able to install modules and programs in there server you need in order to run your own website and applications. Shared servers are maintained by companies’ administrators to fulfill the clients’ needs. This limitation may cause you problems if you need a component for your application that’s not installed.

When to consider Shared Web Hosting

So, when to consider shared web hosting?

You should consider shared web hosting if you’re a blogger, small or medium business or a development environment. There are several factors when considering shared hosting for e.g. Customer support, cPanel, Price, performance etc.

Lastly if you need of a website hosting provider, it’s good to consider a service that shares resources among other customers. You’ll save on monthly cost and fees, as well as other factors like administration and maintenance.  So make sure to choose the right Hosting that best matches yours or your company’s needs.

Linux Web Hosting or Windows Web Hosting?

When choosing a hosting service, first thing you have to decide is which operating system you are going to use, Linux or Windows, the two leading platforms running on web servers. However, many people do not understand the characteristics and differences of Linux/Windows, and then make a wrong decision blindly.

As following, we will provide you an overview of these differences, and help you know how to choose between Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting.

  • Clear about your website needs – It seems that Window hosting is your only option if your website relies on Microsoft SQL server or ASP.NET, which Linux does not support. In addition to the ASP.NET and MSSQL, the other features that Linux hosting and Windows hosting contained are extremely similar.
  • Linux is more secure than Windows – As the Internet products, Linux hosting and Windows hosting inevitably have to face hack attacks. Actually, it would reduce the risk of being attacked if engineers do proper server configuration.  We generally think Linux is more secure than Windows is just because there are less Linux viruses than Windows viruses.
  • Linux server runs faster for PHP and MySQL – It is not happened all the time that Linux hosting achieves faster speed than Windows hosting. But Linux server act out the faster speed performance than Windows server when come to PHP and MySQL based application. For this feature, you can choose Linux hosting as the perfect solution to run WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal website.
  • Windows hosting is more costly than Linux hosting – Almost without exception, Windows shared hosting is around 30% more expensive than Linux shared hosting. Plus, you would be charged at extra $10 to $100 Windows server fee per month if you choose Windows VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting. This is definitely a huge expense.

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