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HostUcan can help you choose your SSL based on encryption type and we offer plans for each of the above validation types with tons of great features the Popular SSL Certificate Providers in the industry.


Symantec 68% 54% 5% 0%
Geotrust 12% 18% 30% 2%
Comodo 1% 4% 28% 48%
Entrust 5% 2% 1% 0%
GoDaddy 0.6% 1% 23% 36%

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SSL Certificate Guide

When selecting your SSL certificate for your website you have to think about what best fits your needs below we have some things to consider when choosing your SSL certificate.

Three key Components for choosing an SSL Certificate

1.SSL encryption algorithm and strength
2.Brand.  The Value of the Brand is the biggest discriminator on the sell side.
3.During SSL certificate purchasing the level of requester validation is important to the consumer, which gives assurance that the website indeed say who they are to the consumer.  There are 3 levels of verification of the requester:

  • DV – Domain Validated, simply verifies that you have the rights to put a certificate on a website.
  • EV – Extended Validation, verifies that your company is in good standing, that there is a named point of contact and some other industry agreed upon steps.
  • OV – Organization validated, verifies that you are a registered company.

Without going in to all the technical details of the difference between an ECC, RSA or DSA algorithm, you can choose to run just RSA, just DSA, just ECC, or multiple certificates in tandem to enhance your website security solution.

Running multiple algorithms together helps protect your data with a broader array of encryption options, as your choice of webserver is capable of this option.

RSA is still the most prevalent and has a 2048bit key length components and minimum 256bit cryptographic security. For all intents and purposes, this is the most strongest.

Four Simple tips for choosing your SSL Certificate

Security Seals

When picking a SSL Certificate, be sure to look for certificate authorities that offer Security Site Seal that you can put anywhere on your site. This will ensure your customers that your site is protected. These site seals will also enable site visitors to know more about your SSL Certificate just by clicking or hovering on the Security Site Seal, which gives more assurance.


If you want to know how to pick the best SSL Certificate for your website, you should look at the warranties and assurances that different CAs provides. Make sure that the warranties and assurances are great so that your customers will trust your website even more.

Speed process

You should obtain a Certificate Authority (CA) that can process your request to issue an SSL Certificate quickly i.e. Comodo, RapidSSL or GoDaddy.  GoDaddy boasts to pay up to “90% LESS and get your certificate FAST!”

You want to protect your site and visitors without any delay, which will help you attract more customers right away.

Your SSL provider offers multiple SSL brands

A SSL provider that offers only a single brand of SSL cannot offer  unbiased suggestions for all your SSL security needs and will always  recommend that single SSL brand regardless  of whether it fits your needs or not.  Make sure you go for a provider that provides you a wide selection of SSL brand options to choose from.

It's very important to know how to choose the right SSL Certificate for your website to ensure protection and the success of your site.


Find the perfect high assurance, Domain Validated(DV), Organization Validation(OV), or Extended Validation(EV) SSL Certificate with the right price and features for your website. The cheapest SSL certificate may not be the right choice for you. When choosing DV, OV, or EV take into consideration what’s best your personal needs. DV is a good choice for businesses where customers will not be transmitting sensitive data are less concerned about website security issues. OV is a good option for any business conducting online transactions that accepts sensitive data, such as credit-card numbers, from customers. In fact, more businesses are upgrading to EV SSL Certificates, the most expensive type but is best for large established businesses.

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