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Wildcard SSL Certificates Tutorials

As a public key certificate, wildcard SSL certificate is used for securing unlimited number of first-level sub domains on a single domain name, and website URL with HTTPS. Unlike traditional certificates that set a certificate for each domain, wildcard SSL certificate is more convenient, easier to manage and cheaper. For example, if people purchase this type of SSL certificate, then they can use it to secure www.example.com, photo.example.com, blog.example.com and other xxx.example.com.

To help people save time, efforts and budget, now we introduce Comodo, RapidSSL and Symantec as the Best Wildcard SSL Certificate.

Comodo - Best Cheap Wildcard SSL

Comodo is one of the most famous and leading companies who provides a wide range of SSL services. Working as a regular SSL certificate, Comodo product allows users to secure the connectivity between their own websites and their customers/visitors’ browsers.

With just one Comodo wildcard SSL certificate, customers can get all their sub domains covered and secured. Features of Comodo wildcard SSL include 2048-bit next generation SSL, 99.9% browser recognition, licensed for unlimited physical servers, issuance within few minutes, $250,000 warranty, free PCI scanning, free daily vulnerability and free Trustlogo site seal.

Regularly, Comodo wildcard SSL certificate charges at $449.95 per year, and customers are allowed to choose yearly, 2-year and 3-year package. For customers who go with long-term wildcard SSL service, Comodo offers them up to 59% off now, making the price at $165.67 per year, and customers can totally save $717.84.

Even better, Comodo guarantees 30 days refund policy and expert support via telephone, live chat & email methods. With all these advantages, it is recommended as the best cheap wildcard SSL to people. Please visit Comodo to know more.

RapidSSL - Cheapest Wildcard SSL

Owned and operated by GeoTrust, RapidSSL is created to help people secure their domains with SSL certificate as easy and fast as possible. Here, RapidSSL wildcard SSL certificate keeps transactions secure with strong encryption, and also helps secure all customers’ subdomains with one affordable solution.

RapidSSL provides customers with tons of valuable features, such as unlimited sub domains secured, easy installation, issued in just minutes, over 99% browser support, free reissues, 256-bit SSL encryption, $5,000 warranty and others.

The regular price of RapidSSL wildcard SSL certificate starts from $199/yr. No matter customers sign up with 1-year, 2-year or 3-year plan, RapidSSL will provide them with at least 25% off. After discounting, RapidSSL wildcard SSL price is cut down from $124/yr, one of the cheapest wildcard SSL prices in the marketplace.

If customers are not like this SSL certificate, they are allowed to request their money back within the first 30 days. Before cancelling the service, they can also ask RapidSSL experts for assistance via web and email.

Getting domains and websites secured is quite important. For any small business who are looking for a great wildcard SSL product, RapidSSL wildcard SSL certificate can be considered as the best option. To know more, please visit RapidSSL.

Symantec - Best Wildcard SSL Certificate for eCommerce

Since its foundation, Symantec has been providing leading SSL encryption products with multiple solutions for the security of servers and websites. In terms of Symantec wildcard SSL certificate, now it can secure both www and non-www domain names with just a single certificate.

Symantec wildcard SSL is regarded as the most trusted, feature-rich and secure wildcard SSL certificate in the industry. It contains daily Malware scan, DSA certificates, 100% end-user compatibility, expiration protection, $1,500,000 warranty, seal-in-search, dynamic site seal, unlimited reissue and issuance within 1 to 10 days.

Compared to other reliable wildcard SSL services, Symantec product is expensive that charges at $1999/yr. Through the following promotional link, Symantec offers customers up to 7% off and helps them save $346.99. Now, people could buy one starts from $1582.67/yr.

Symantec guarantees 30-Day Money Back. If customers have any question about its wildcard SSL, its support technicians are available 24/7 and will offer solutions through email as well as web.

Generally, Symantec wildcard SSL certificate includes great rich features that can highly secure customers’ sub domains. Considering its high price, the wildcard SSL is perfect for eCommerce use. To redeem the service, please visit: www.symantec.com.

Wildcard SSL Certificate - Why You Need It

SSL certificate comes with multiple types that including Wildcard, Domain Validated, Organization Validation, Extended Validation and High Assurance. Among them, wildcard SSL certificate is a public key certificate which could help to enable the SSL encryption on various subdomains of a domain.

Nowadays, security is one of the most essential things you need to take into consideration when coping with online businesses especially. Besides, if you have two or more sub-domains, you have to buy wildcard certificate, one of the best and the cheapest SSL certificate that you can take full use of for security purpose.

For an instance, wildcard certificate released to a website like “website.com”, it would be fully used to keep it secure with the following possible domains as well, such as “login.website.com”, “support.website.com”, “payment.website.com” and more others.

So, why you exactly need wildcard SSL certificate? Here, we will conclude the reasons and also the main advantages of wildcard SSL certificate that you could take.

High Security

A vital reason that why you need wildcard certificate is it delivers high security level. You do not have to worry if you have more sub domains because wildcard certificate will do the work for the website and maintain maximum security. With wildcard SSL certificate, you just need to buy and use on certificate to secure unlimited sub-domains.

Accommodate SSL Certificate Needs

If you carry out online business, it is quite great to choose wildcard certificate for your website because it accommodates SSL certificate needs for the web-based applications, such as Open Social.

Easy to Manage

Some types of SSL certificate and managed PKI interface require intimidating task, while Wildcard certificate is extremely easy to manage. By simplifying certificate installation and management, you are allowed to easily secure various subdomains with one wildcard certificate, working more convenient and faster.

Low Price

Compared to other types of SSL certificate, wildcard certificate is less expensive. With the lower administrative and development prices, you can use wildcard certificate for multiple subdomains under one domain on your server.


Generally, SSL encryption is enabled on unlimited sub-domains by using a single certificate. And there are dozens of companies providing wildcard SSL certificate this type of service for securing your website, but you must to be careful and choose the most reputable one.

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