Best vBulletin Hosting

vBulletin is now serving over 40,000 vibrant online communities, and an optimized vBulletin hosting should offer rich features to enable all the potentials of vBulletin. Best vBulletin Hosting below are named based on the real customer reviews, who outperform its competitors on features, uptime, speed, and customer support.

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How to Find Best vBulletin Hosting

Just like hosting any other web site, when looking for an optimized vBulletin hosting, you need to carefully define your web hosting needs, such as Disk Space, Monthly Traffic, and etc. In below, we will discuss about some factors specifically for vBulletin. OS & Web ServerAs a software runs on php & MySQL, hosting vBulletin in Linux and apache is always a good idea. But no matter what web server you use, make sure Rewrite Engine is on if you want to use Friendly URLs, such as mod_rewrite on Apache or URL Rewrite for IIS 7 or greater.


vBulletin need to run with PHP version 5.2.0 or greater, this is a very common feature you could get from the market. But it would be good to find a web hosting which would allow you to config php.ini in case you need to change the value of wait_timeout, memory_limit, and max_execution_time for PHP. To make your vBulletin experience more enjoyable, cURL with SSL Support or OpenSSL is expected when connecting to some third-party services, such as Facebook.

Disk space

200 MB of hard drive space is a minimal and you might need more if there are many files, image or video in the forum.


For MySQL, the version should be 4.1.0 or greater. This is offered by most web hosts. But if you go with a shared web hosting, you should ask how many databases you can create, the size limitation on the database, and its max_connections, as some un-revealed constraints on shared hosting?might limit the power of vBulletin.

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