Best VPS for Drupal

As one of the most popular and powerful PHP-based CMS system, Drupal has been used for corporate website, blogs, ecommerce and community web portals. To run Drupal well, it's important to find a good VPS for it. So, who offer Best VPS for Drupal? In below, we list out top 10 VPS who are rated highest within Drupalers.

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VPS Hosting Review for Drupal

There are various VPS in the market, and obviously Bluehost is one recommended by a lot of PHP developers, including Drupal webmasters for sure. In below, we will review its VPS and explain why its a good VPS option for hosting a Drupal site.

About BlueHost

Founded in Utah in 1995, Bluehost has been providing web hosting service over 15 years and has been the recommended Drupal shared hosting provider by since 2008. The company is symbolic of superior quality in the hosting industry which is demonstrated by its expanding consumer base and customer retention.

BlueHost VPS Is 100% Drupal Compatible

BlueHost VPS hosting is 100% compatible with Drupal and has plenty of optimized features that would help users create and run their Drupal websites fast and smoothly.

BlueHost provides Apache 2 along with a URL rewrite module and 128MB memory for memory_limit on running PHP applications. In terms of PHP, BlueHost deploy both PHP version PHP 5.2.17+ and PHP 5.3.8+ in its web server, in which Drupal users can choose which one is the best for their Drupal sites. The company also provides suPHP for increased Drupal hosting security and also SSH (Secure Shell) access for better configuration and site management.

Rich features by BlueHost VPS for Drupal

BlueHost VPS Hosting plan comes with rich features that include; a single core, 2GB RAM, 30GB storage, 1 IP, 1 dedicated IP address, 1 free domain CentOS6.4 (6.4-bit), and 1TB bandwidth per month.

The company also utilizes both Fantastico of cPanel and SimpleScripts for the automatic application installers. SimpleScripts was developed and owned by BlueHost itself that allows users to 1-Click install up to 150 applications besides this choosing BlueHost VPS services will provides customers everything to fulfill they needs.

BlueHost VPS Drupal Is Fast!

To provide high reliability hosting providers especially to run Drupal web hosting providers have to invest money into data centers, hire experts and formulate comprehensive maintenance plans. Over the years, Bluehost has managed to be strong and effective to run Drupal, so it isn't uncommon for them to have outstanding reliability.

BlueHost utilize 100% DELL branded servers and 4 physical fiber lines from 4 network providers with the data transferring capacity greater than 15,000 MBits. The company is extremely fast for Drupal with both of their datacenters equipped with Dual Quad Processor that that runs at 2.6 GHz , UPS power backup and Multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections and all 24/7 network monitored.

Affordable Pricing with BlueHost VPS For Drupal

It is quite hard for customers to find a really cheap Drupal hosting in the market today, but customers can now get BlueHost VPS plans at good price rate. BlueHost VPS plans cost $29.99/month, but all customers can get 50% off for the first month and 15% off for the rest of the year. To claim go via this Special BlueHost VPS Drupal Promotion Link and pay only $14.99 for the first month. Note: Visitors should sign-up for a 1 year service term to claim this discount. 

BlueHost Technical Customer Support

BlueHost provides is 100% US-based technical support in their office in Utah around clock – 24x7x365. Customers can contact the BlueHost team via email, toll-free telephone, and live chat.

As a long term sponsor of Drupal community, BlueHost experts have very great understanding on Drupal and will do their best to resolve and answer every question presented by the customer.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Bluehost provides quality VPS hosting to fit any customers budget and if customers are not happy with their services, BlueHost will refunded back money back.

Bluehost VPS Best for Drupal Conclusion

Bluehost VPS is strongly recommended to host Drupal sites especially if you like good reliability and flexibility for business, personal websites and blogs. BlueHost is the best cost effective Drupal hosting provider that will suit all your needs.

For more information, please visit and don't forget to benefit from its 15% deal. best vps for drupal

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