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Website builder allow people to create beautiful websites even they don' have any technical background. And below top 10 best website builders woud be your first choice as they all include rich features and hundreds of website templates to help your build a website with very few effort.

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How to Find the Best WebSite Builder

Website builder makes it possible that users without technical skills can create all kinds of beautiful, functional and stunning websites simply and quickly with drag and drop editor and template library. If you are interested in trying to create your own websites by website builder, here are some certain factors recommended for you to find the best website builder you need.


Price may not be treated as the most significant factor when picking a website builder, however, it is still the number one question for many starters and potential website creators.

Most website builders provide both free and premium paid services. Free plans usually include basic functions you need to create a personal website or a small-scale website for small or mid-sized businesses, while premium paid plans always have extended rich functions such as free domain name, SSL certificate and so on. If you are seeking for a website builder to create functional, reliable and stable websites, it is highly advised that you should choose premium paid plans priced at different levels.

Besides the prices of premium paid plans, the prices of third party apps provided by website builders should also be paid attention to. Some website builders like Wix and Weebly provide premium plans with various kinds of third party apps, making it possible for users to add extra features to their websites. However, some website builders provide plans at low prices with expensive third party apps, turning out to be not affordable at all.

Money back guarantee is another critical factor related to pricing. As money back guarantee policy varies from one website builder to another, you should focus on the days and whether there is a full refund back guarantee.

Easy-to-Use Editor and Customization

As many users are not equipped with technical skills of coding and programming, it is essential to consider whether the website builder you choose is intuitive and user-friendly or not.

Nowadays many website builders provide drag and drop editor, by which users can simply drag their desired elements and drop them onto where they want to place. Some layouts and templates even have pre content to guide the users, and the users just need to replace the pre contents with their own. Usually website builders enable users to make design customization decisions to the elements on the websites, and good website builders are those who equipped with as many advanced options as possible like background, fonts, spacing and entire page settings, etc. Be careful that whether the builder allows you to preview, change and save the websites anytime.

For those users who have technical skills of coding and programming, it also matters whether they could edit the source code of the websites. This feature is closely related to the degree of customization of the website.


Before choosing a website builder, you should make it clear that what kind of website you really need and whether the website builder can provide the rich features you need to build all kinds of websites including personal websites, blogs and online stores with search engine optimization functionality.

eCommerce websites usually call for safe and secure payment methods, store management tools, marketing tools like email marketing, analytic tools and communication tools.

A lot of website builders also provide mobile version of customers’ websites. After creating your website on the desktop, it is convenient to get a mobile version automatically, which is suitable to browse on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

In order to give more freedom to customers equipped with technical skills, some website builders make it possible that reliable customers could insert and edit the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, thus creating their websites on their own.

Template Library

The variety of templates and layouts of different categories plays a very important role in website building. Those website builders with a large template library could provide users with the ability to create excellent and stunning sites fit in with the theme ranging from music and sports to business and academics. Start with a blank page, users can then choose one design from the template library of fully customizable website template.

Be careful that some website builders do not allow users to change their templates once they chose one, which is a big limit to the liberty of creating a website.


Some website builders give users the authority to save their websites anywhere at any time, which means that users can have as many backups as possible, making sure of the security of their websites.

What’s more, users may want to move their websites after choosing one website builder and feeling disappointed. In this case, you should have figured out whether the website builder you chose the movement before. Due to technical limits, some websites created by one website builder could not operate normally under the environment of other websites.

Customer Support

No matter how simple or how efficient your website builder claims to be, you may still come across problems. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure whether the website builder offers a professional support team to right there for help and guidance by 7/24/365 phone call, live chat, email, etc.

Besides, many website builders also provide online knowledge base, forum, community, video tutorials on YouTube or social network accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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