Best WordPress Hosting 2021

A well-optimized WordPress Hosting solution should be able to run WordPress fast and securely, and offer rich features to enable all the potential of WordPress at affordable price.

Why WordPress Hosting

  • Optimized for WordPress Performance
  • Compatible with Different Version of Wordpress
  • 1-Click Wordpress Installer and Backup
  • Best for WordPress Beginners

Most Popular WordPress Hosting

Inmotion Hosting Review

Business-class web hosting, one of the most popular web hosts in the industry

  • 100% WordPress compatiblity
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Free SSL & Anti-DDos
$2.95/mo 57% Off

Bluehost Review

A leader in open-source hosting, optimized-WordPress hosting service.

  • Well-tuning Server for Performance
  • Free Domain, Customized cPanel
  • 30 Days Money Back
$2.95/mo 64% Off

iPage Review

Cheapest web hosting for WordPress, perfect for WordPress Beginner

  • Over $500 Free Extra
  • 100% Compatible with WordPress
  • Free Domain, 30 Days Money Back
$1.99/mo 75% Off

Bisend Review

WordPress friendly hosting provider, offering WordPress-toolkits for migration, upgrade and more.

  • Mutliple Data Centers
  • SSD Storage & Free SSL
  • WordPress Toolkits
$2.95/mo 71% Off

WebHostingHub Review

Shared web hosting provider with SSD features, perfect for develoeprs and small businesses

  • Fast SSD RAID-10 Storage
  • Free Domain, Free SSL
  • WordPress Optimzed Hosting
$2.99/mo 67% Off

A2Hosting Review

A web host dedicated on offering fast, featured rich web hosting. Great for WordPress.

  • Anytime Money Back
  • Free CDN, Free SSL
  • High Speed Web Server
$3.92/mo 51% Off

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WordPress Hosting Q&A

How to Find Best Wordpress Hosting

Inmotion Hosting, Bluehost and Bisend are named as Top 3 Best WordPress Hosting in the year for various reasons. First of all, their solutions are 100% Compatible with WordPress. Besides this, WordPress friendly features below make them even more outstanding:

  • 64MB or higher PHP memory_limit
  • suPHP and mod_rewrite are deployed by default
  • Premium web servers and state-of-art data centers make their solutions are far more faster and reliable than their competitors.
  • WordPress-friendly customer support. It cannot be even better that your web hosts could answer WordPress related hosting questions.

Best WordPress Hosting for Business – InmotionHosting

Inmotion Hosting is one of the best small business hosting service provider, they have been offering web hosting services for all-sizes of business since they started the business in 2001. Their hosting solution is 100% compatible with WordPress, including the features like latest version of PHP, high php memory_limit, MySQL, and more. Besides, all their customers could take benefit of the features like free SSD and high performance web servers. According to the tests we have done, WordPress page loading speed of InmotionHosting beat the results from all their competitors, which makes it the fastest WordPress hosting in the industry.

Inmotionhosting offer shared web hosting, VPS and Dedicated server. As a business owner, by working with Inmotion hosting, you could progressively upgrade the web server based on the growth of your business without facing all the issues in changing a web host.

In terms of customer support, most of Inmotion Hosting engineers are familiar with WordPress, they could efficiently resolve customers’ issues. Besides, they are the sponsors of WordPress Camp for years, and also many other WordPress community events.

Now, InmotionHosting is promoting their service at 56% off, after which people could subscribe to their business class hosting with $3.49/mo only, a cost even individuals could afford.

Visit Inmotionhosting to know more about the company.

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting – Bisend

biSend provides one of the best cheap WordPress hosting solution in the industry. As one of the Top 10 Web Hosting in this year, bisend hosting solutions includes rich features to support WordPress well.

bisend uses state-of-art datacenter in Chicago, Dell powerful web server, fast RAID-10 storage. Its customer support engineers are skilled and professional, with who you could ask any WordPress related question.

bisend now is promoting their web hosting service with 64% off now, after which, their hosting solution is $1.65/mo only. It’s really hard to find a web host who could offers better price value than it. Consider its rich features, reliable server and industry-low pricing, bisend is the perfect choice for individuals.

To know more about bisend, please visit bisend now and claim for 64% off.

High quality and Popular WordPress Hosting – Bluehost

Bluehost offers one of the world best Linux hosting solutions. Its web servers are well-optimized for PHP&MySQL applications, such as WordPress, Joomla, and more. According to our test, WordPress page loading speed from Bluehost is far better than industry normal server speed.

The customer support from Bluehost is also very WordPress-friendly. It has developed a series of WordPress tutorials from online documents to Youtube videos to help their customers learn how to maintain WordPress site easily. Most of its engineers have very good knowledge on WordPress, who could offer support to their customers on WordPress related hosting issues.

Bluehost shared hosting start from $7.99/mo and its “Plus” package is sold at $10.99/mo. However, with this special Bluehost $2.95 promotion, Bluehost customers could receive up to 63% off, which make its price low to $2.95/mo and $5.45/month respectively. And what’s more, their customers could request money back at anytime if they decide to cancel the account, which definitely put their money in safe when working with Bluehost.

Bluehost is highly recommended for personal sites or small business sites. To know about it, please visit Bluehost now.

WordPress Hosting Guide

According to what WordPress official site said, the minimal hosting requirements for WordPress are only “PHP version 5.2.4+” and “MySQL version 5.0+”. There are hundreds of thousands of web hosting solutions in the market which could meet these basic requirements, but WordPress only works best when it’s in a rich hosting environment.

To find the best web hosting for WordPress, besides looking at some generic web hosting features, you should pay special attention to bellow items which are highly related to WordPress.

Hosting Type

There are various Web Hosting Types you can use for Blog, such as Shared web hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated server hosting, and more. Each of them comes with different feature and price, but what is right one for you?

A general guide is that if your daily traffic is below 300 unique IPs, a shared hosting plan should be good enough. If it exceeds that number, then you might need to consider VPS hosting. And only very few blogs need a dedicated server, unless you have gain thousands of traffic per day.

So, for a blog beginner, Shared hosting solution should be your best choice, and it’s much much cheaper than the others. Once you gain quite a lot of traffic, you can start considering purchase a VPS hosting, and transfer your blog to your new environment.

Operation System

Even though PHP & MySQL run well in Microsoft Windows & IIS server, Linux & Apache is still the best platform for a WordPress site, which have been proven to be the faster and more reliable than Window when hosting php & MSQL websites. Even better, Linux is opensource and free. Using Linux will definitely help save some when building WordPress sites.

Apache Configuration

The most important Apache module for WordPress is mod_rewrite, with which you could configure a search engine friendly post URL and have a good start for your WordPress blog.

Server features like PHP run as suPHP is strongly recommend, which could ensure the other user won’t get access to your file in a shared hosting environment, hence the security of your WordPress will be increased.

PHP memory_limit

The value of PHP memory_limit will decide the maximum amount of memory that PHP script is allowed to allocate. For WordPress, it should be no lower than 16MB. But considering most of people share photos or videos online, ideally, you can get a WordPress server with a PHP memory_limit with at least 64MB.

If a WordPress site requires more than 128MB memory to run smoothly, then you should analyze why it needs so many. In most cases, it results from poorly written scripts.

Disk Space and Monthly Transfer

WordPress itself doesn’t use a lot of space – 20MB should be good enough to install one. So, when calculating the disk space you need, the major factor you should consider is the content you plan to put in the blog.

Think about how many images&video (and their average size) you have for each post and then the number of post you can write per month. With which, you can calculate how many disk space it will grow per month and estimate your disk space needs.

For monthly transfer, you can estimate how many people will view your blog per day, and multiply it with your average post size. By this way, you will get a sense of your monthly transfer needs.

If you don’t have a lot of video, a disk space with 10gb is usually big enough, and most of web hosting package should give you a space larger than this number.


Reliability usually means better infrastructure, data center management, and technology. But it also means higher cost. For the business critical blog sites, you should choose a web host who has proven that they can consistently deliver high reliable system to their customers, such as Hostgator, but for some normal business blog, or personal blog, you can choose a lower price one, but still very good from reliability perspective, such as Bluehost, eHost, etc.

WordPress Friendly Customer Support

A best WordPress hosting service provider should be able to answer questions related WordPress. Not all the web hosts in the industry are happy to work with WordPress bloggers on their app issues. So, finding a web host with good knowledge on WordPress would be really helpful.

Also, make sure your web host provides 24*7 phone support, or Live Chat support system. You have no need to use it all the time, but these 2 support channels will make sure you can get the help if there is anything serious happens.

1-Click WordPress Installation

1-Click WordPress installation is a great hosting feature for WordPress beginner. This is also bring a lot of convenience to an experienced WordPress bloggers.


Price is always a matter, but you often get what you pay for. So cheap blog hosting solution might save some at the beginning, but it might not be reliable enough, and customer support might be bad. VPS hosting is good, but it’s expensive as well, for a beginner, a shared blog hosting should be good enough. 

Personally, I would like to suggest choosing a reliable hosting solution with affordable price. $5/month should bring you a very good shared hosting. And before purchasing, make sure you have checked our latest and best Web Hosting Discount, which could save you a lot. Besides, you could check out website like BigCheapHosting and CreateWebSite to find a list of high quality cheap WordPress Hosting.

Why is WordPress Free?

The idea of Open Source software was probably one of the most powerful trendsetters in the Software ecosystem. Many beginners usually have the question, whether WordPress is free to use or not. The answer to that is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no. In this post, we shall discuss in details the actual costs which are involved in using WordPress site.

First of all, WordPress is an Open Source and Free software. Being open source means the source code of the WordPress platform is accessible in the public domain i.e. it is licensed under GPL. So you can modify the code, redistribute the compiled code in any possible way and basically do anything you want with the code. Free means that you don’t have to pay money to use the software. One should understand that all free software are not open source (e.g. Adobe’s Acrobat Reader is free, but isn’t open source), but usually open source software are free.

Why WordPress is not premium if it so good?

If someone is advocating for WordPress, she is often questioned if it is so good, why is it free? This question is very natural, because the world we live in, good things don’t come for free. The catch with WordPress is that, it is good because it is free! WordPress is not owned by a single company or individual. A whole community of developers work towards its development. So, even if someone wants to commercialize the software itself, he can’t because of the license issues. And it is good, because it has millions of hands working towards optimization.

So, where’s the money in WordPress?

Why would talented programmers who can earn thousands of dollars with their skills, spend time maintaining something which doesn’t earn even a dime? Among many ways to make money from WordPress, one way is to work towards developing useful plugins and beautiful themes, which WordPress users would buy from you for their sites. Also, there are many companies which hire WordPress plugin and theme developers.

Difference between WordPress and

WordPress is a platform. is a site which lets you host WordPress on its server. One would notice that has many features which come with a price tag. So, the cost involved in running a WordPress site is a WordPress hosting package and domain registration. The use of the platform itself doesn’t cost anything.

Copyright Issues with WordPress

WordPress is not copyright free. Yes it is Open source and anyone can see and tinker with the code, but the one has rights over the changes that she made and not the whole code. Another thing to keep in mind while developing anything on top of WordPress is to know that any derivative work from WordPress becomes licensed under GPL also.

However, the content that you publish on a site running on WordPress is your property. You can license and copyright it in any way you want.

The trademark– WordPress

The words WordPress, WordCamp and the logo for WordPress are licensed by WordPress foundation. That means that you cannot have these things on your domain and present them as your own. It is encouraged that one should use WP in domain names if they want to mean WordPress.

So, how much would a WordPress site cost you?

Like it has been mentioned earlier, the sole cost involved are a WordPress hosting server and domain registration charges. Apart from that you might need to buy plugins and themes to make your site look exclusive. These plugins and themes have the advantage that there are regular updates for paid themes and plugins.

It is hoped that at the end of this post, you have understood what are the costs involved in a WordPress site, how people actually generate money from WordPress and the copyright issues.

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